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It’s That Time Again To Vote For Your Favorites!

Tell your Fans, tell your Friends, Family, and Neighbors to VOTE!! Participants get one vote per category. Voting ends at Midnight April 30, 2018. Good luck to all of the Nominees. Winners will be announced at 2 separate events: the Pre-Show at Big Rock Pub on May 31st & the main Awards Ceremony at Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs on June 3rd. 


  1. Best Band
  2. Best Rock Band
  3. Best Metal Band
  4. Best Punk Band
  5. Best Alternative Rock Band
  6. Best Rap/Hip Hop
  7. Best Reggae
  8. Best Jazz Vocals
  9. Best Jazz Instrumental
  10. Best Blues
  11. Best Country
  12. Best Adult Contemporary
  13. Best R&B
  14. Best Duo
  15. Best New Band
  16. Best Live Performance Band
  17. Best Cover Band
  18. Best Youth Band
  19. Best Female Vocalist
  20. Best Male Vocalist
  21. Best Frontwoman
  22. Best Frontman
  23. Best Guitar
  24. Best Bass
  25. Best Drummer
  26. Best Keyboards
  27. Best Instrumental Performance
  28. Best Instrumental Band
  29. Best Club DJ
  30. Best Event DJ
  31. Best Club Promoter
  32. Best Event Promoter
  33. Best Live Performance Venue
  34. Best Large Music Venue
  35. Best Live Music Event
  36. Best Large Live Music Event
  37. Best Producer
  38. Best Band Photographer
  39. Best Sound Engineer
  40. Best Unsigned Album
  41. Best Song

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