Who would have known there’s a Chateau on a Lake in the Coachella Valley? I certainly didn’t – that is until now…

I’ve owned and dined out here for over 15 years and just now came across this incredible hidden jewel. As a firefighter it’s safe to say we’re experts in cooking, eating and knowing what’s hot.

The rating system I use is in describing great locations are the ‘Alarm Rating’ of fires: 1st alarm being the worst to 4th alarm being the best. A multi alarm (5 alarms or greater) definitely rings out here on the Chateau on the Lake in Lake La Quinta.

With recently renovated and newly expanded the rooms, this place has great water views with first class ambiance, great food and some of the best wines around. What mostly captured our attention are the staff members who make you feel not as a guest or customer, but as an old friend while being in ‘your’ comfort during your stay.

Whether you’re from the Coachella Valley, a snowbird or just living anywhere in Southern California, this is a great get-away. Whether summer, winter, dinner or drinks, this is certainly one of the coolest places I’ve visited.

If you want that ‘rock star treatment’ you won’t find a better place than on the Lake at Chateau Lake La Quinta!


Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna