By Selma Grows
It’s a pleasure to introduce another self-supporting artist in the Coachella Valley. Mr. Keith Blum lives in Palm Springs and has been practicing his art professionally for over 30 years. Blum specializes in “Trompe L’oeil”, an art technique involving realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. Blum paints to add depth to an environment without taking attention away from it. He does well, considering you have to look twice to recognize the separation from art and reality where his paintings reside.
He is originally from LA and takes pride in his involvement with supporting the local charities like Meals on Wheels and the UCLA Intervention Program by donating large murals and canvases to their cause.
Blum has a style that challenges the mind and stretches the eyes horizons. “I like to entertain the eyes as well as fool them,” Blum states, with a sense of magic in his tone. Inspired by Post Impressionism and the Italian Renaissance, names like Van Gough, Monet and Rafael come to mind as you enter Blum’s highly dimensional acrylic wall and ceiling murals in custom homes, hotels, coffee shops and business offices across America. He has work in Las Vegas NV, Dallas TX, and Minnesota as well as murals all over California.
With over 90% of his self-sustained income coming from commissioned pieces it’s exciting to imagine all the different worlds to where Blum has transported his lucky clients. “I paint anywhere the client wants me to paint,” Blum comments. Walls, ceilings, doors and sides of buildings have all been graced with Blum’s impeccable passion for detail. Blum also enjoys creating dog and cat portraits and has completed an incredible 4’x5’ canvas “Peita” (Vision of Christ post cross in mays lap) available to view upon request.
Each commissioned piece of art Blum creates is estimated regarding the intended scale and detail of the piece. “I am self-taught, reliable, and professional with reasonable pricing,” Blum states. To sample his art you can either visit Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs, where he has a few live canvases for your viewing pleasure or go to for instant gallery access.
Not only has Mr. Blum agreed to create a workshop for adult SELMA Members, but he has also graciously committed to participate in the upcoming auction to benefit SELMA by donating a commissioned mural to the highest bidder. Look for further details in future issues!
To contact Mr. Blum email him at or call him directly at (818)437-5617
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