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POP CORN MOVIES LOOM LARGE FOR TEEN BOYS   By Robin E. Simmons   A key demographic for studios in the summer competition for eyeballs are teen boys.  I met with five seniors at Desert Hot Springs High School – Elijah, Ryan, Dillon and Freddy – and asked...

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TWO NEW FILMS FULFILL THEIR POSTER PROMISE   By Robin E. Simmons     Don’t you hate it when the promise of the poster is not delivered in the theater? And what about a hot trailer that has scenes not in the movie?  But sometimes we’re lucky and...

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  ANIMAL LOVE STEPPING OUTSIDE OUR SPECIES     By Robin E. Simmons   Savoring the rich and varied life on our awesome planet never gets old.  Movies that delve into the natural world seem almost supernatural at times.  Here are some recent...

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CHOICE PICKS OF LOVE & HATE By Robin E. Simmons   BULLY Director Lee Hirsch’s visceral, emotional, exploitive and voyeuristic documentary works on many levels.  It is explosively dramatic and it may also be meaningful if it lets us empathize with the victims of...

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