By Lisa Morgan

What does $5 dollars buy these days? A little more than a gallon of gas, a large specialty coffee drink, lunch – maybe? What if I told you that $5 can buy hope, help and comfort and life? We at CV Weekly, the Coachella Valley Art Center and the local musicians of bands Deadend Paradox, Bat Skinners, Basaracts, Lights and Tribesman invite you to a night of some of the best live Rock and Roll our desert has to offer. These bands are all showing up for little Alissia who was diagnosed at the age of 2 ½ with the rare brain cancer, Pineoblastoma. She is now 5 years old and still fighting like a champ. Below, I have copied and pasted the letter her father, Chris Parga, has posted on as they aim to raise $15,000 to cover her hospital bills and treatment that have been accumulating and will continue to accumulate as this beautiful little 5 year old fights for her life. As of today, they have raised $1,770:

“Hello, this is a donation page for Alissia, my little girl with a big heart. She is incredibly strong, smart, beautiful, and never stops smiling no matter what. Alissia was unfortunately diagnosed with Pineoblastoma at the age of two and a half. It has been two and a half years since she’s been diagnosed. Alissia is now five, and the two and a half years have been very rough for her, the rest of the family, and I. She’s been battling this very aggressive form of brain cancer with the help of her wonderful nurses, doctors, and surgeons. She also has the support of her family and friends keeping her happy and alive. Saying that the treatment she has gone through has been tough is an understatement. She has had the strongest Chemotherapy administered, along with six weeks of proton radiation, and three bone marrow transplants. She also went through a year of physical therapy, and two corrective eye surgeries. Alissia has stayed strong through her treatments. She has made great progress until recently when returning from a Make-a-Wish trip to Disneyland with her family she became ill. We then took her to get her CT scan then an MRI only to receive the very upsetting news we had hoped that we would never get to hear ever again. That Alissia’s cancer has relapsed and has also spread to her spine. We got this news a little less than a week ago. The treatment for this will be enduring more chemo. Surgeries and radiation are out of the question this time around. Hearing all of this terrible news, Alissia’s beautiful smile has helped, and reminded us all of what is truly important during this devastating time, her happiness.

We, her family, would like to do everything to keep her happy in every single way that we can. This is where we also need your help; the medical and living expenses are piling up for her mom and me, and have been since it all began. We have lost jobs and homes during this hard time. Every donation sent will be appreciated greatly, and no amount of thank yous could begin to show our gratitude for you helping us out. Thank you all from the parents, Chris and Martha, all of her family, and most of all from Alissia.”

The fund raiser was brought to my attention by Alex from the band Deadend Paradox in hopes to help raise awareness for the event. While they do not know the family personally, they, along with the other bands jumped at the chance to help them. I assure you, this band will not disappoint. Deadend Paradox is an Alternative/Punk Band born and bred in the Coachella Valley. These three likeminded individuals, who all discovered music at an early age growing up in the Coachella Valley, are Alex Antonio on guitar and lead vocals, Eddie Airada on drums and Chris Dub on bass. They have been writing, recording, and playing live since its inception in 2008. Alex explains, “There’s never a dull moment; the music is as diverse as the personalities of the band’s members – sometimes brash and loud, other times untroubled and tranquil.” This band prides itself in taking a different approach on how music is presented. “In a day and age where fiction has become reality, we have chosen quality over quantity. Nothing speaks as loudly to an individual than something you can not only hear, but you can feel. If you want something fast and melodic, we got it. If you want something genuine and loud, that’s our sound.” They have over two dozen new songs they will be posting in the next couple of weeks, but for now, check out a few of their tunes at This band promises to be a dynamic addition to the amazing lineup that you’ll be able to enjoy at the Coachella Valley Art Center this Friday, August 16th starting at 6pm.

If you cannot attend the fund raiser, then please go to the fund raising site and do what you can to help. You can also follow Alissia’s progress. Let’s show this family how much love lives in this beautiful valley of ours. To donate go to