Where emphatic fantasy fiction bends to uncover authentic, primal humanity at its best

By Morgan James

What originally began with G.M.O. foods, lead to the harvesting of synthetic organs in medical applications, which led to an obsessive addiction that humanity couldn’t quit. Eugenic breeding and genetic engineering would give rise to zoetic organisms, man-made chimeras capable of supernatural feats. Countless generations have passed since this process of unnatural selection had begun…

Enter Conflict Diamonds:
A speculative science fiction fantasy war heroic set 65 million years from now… The world has encountered cycles of peaking civilization and apocalypse. The majority left the planet and those who stayed gave rise to an era of ungoverned, primitive reign. Technologies have become organic and easier to produce; cell has fused with metal creating a never before seen evolutionary race. Depending on the taken perspective, it could be either dystopian or utopian. The dominant species on the planet are the last remnants of the Maori culture, a race of highly psychic warrior [dinosaur lizard] beings known as the Tuatara. They dwell in a massive underground city-sized pyramid: a manufacturing super power controlled by an ancient organic computer simulation. Their way of life is rich in culture and tradition, but there is no need for currency and government. They live in a free society, an economy based upon trade and theft where the only rule is survival of the fittest. They pay their debt to society through mandatory military service at an early age, being rewarded with extravagant retirement benefits: copious amounts pleasure, gold and diamonds. There are only about 3000 humans— with 65 million+ years of evolutionary adaptations—left on the planet, though most are kept as domesticated pets, the rest scattered and feral, struggling to survive. A conflict in an ongoing turf war between companies has escalated and a failed mission quickly changes into a global crisis as an extraterrestrial threat emerges. A band of warrior lizards are caught in the eye of the storm and have no choice but to respond. They take an inter-dimensional journey across the globe mirroring an archaic prophecy that has only been disregarded as myth. A young inexperienced apprentice from humble beginnings, Papo, takes the cosmic horror head on; recruiting a group of maverick renegades along the way, meeting a stellar cast of characters and creatures in a world so far advanced it is almost God-like. The enemy has brought weapons of celestial destruction and the mercenary group must ration only off the spoils of war in an apocalyptic countdown against this ancient extraterrestrial. Will our heroes succeed in the epic quest or will a doomed fate predestined by a cosmic tyrant rewrite history?

Don’t miss the vivid world of Conflict Diamonds where emphatic fantasy fiction bends to uncover authentic, primal humanity at its best. Coachella Valley author B.J. Tanguay released this epic science fiction adventure on July 4th, 2016 published by Tuatara Unltd/Amazon and available at www.amazon.com/author/tuatara

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