By Dr Maria Lombardo

Our eye lashes thin as we age and can make us look older – a great mascara can help but promoting longer, thicker& darker lashes with Latisse can really make a difference. Latisse is the only FDA approved medication for eyelash growth.

The most common questions regarding Latisse include “Does it really work?” and “What about side effects?” The best way to answer both questions is to examine the history of the product… The medication started as an eyedrop to treat glaucoma (a disorder associated with increased pressure in the eye). The original patients noted the “side effect” of longer and thicker eyelashes while they were using it. The medication was studied for this effect and Latisse is now used as a topical solution (and NOT as an eye drop) to grow the lashes longer, darker and thicker! It really does work!

Because Latisse is the same medication as the original glaucoma medication, all the side effects that were reported with the original eyedrop usage must also be reported with the topical Latisse use. Proper, topical use of Latisse has very low side effects. The most common is irritation of the eyelid skin when first using the product and this usually stops after just a few days.

Latisse must be used every day when starting and it must be continued to keep the results. If you stop using the product, your eyelashes will eventually revert back to how they were when you first started using it. Most patients love the effect of having longer, thicker lashes and very often refer their friends to try the product because they get so many comments and compliments on their lashes!

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