By Raymond Bill

While enjoying some time off with the family in Portland, OR, I was fortunate enough to enjoy inspiring dishes with cultural influences from all over the world. I had falafels from a food truck, various fried treats from local pubs and fresh seafood and delicacies from the finest restaurants downtown. I did not always receive five star service, yet every experience left a positive impact. As I return to the desert with a more relaxed perspective, I am seeking out the best culinary creations, regardless of the package in which it is presented. My recent discovery, I’ll admit, I had over looked for over twenty years.

Guacamoles Restaurant is not a large restaurant, nor is it a full service eatery with a bar. This small, central strip mall location focuses on the Mexican favorites with big flavors for small prices. From classics like enchiladas and burritos to more modern creations like tortilla-less tacos (which are more like lettuce wraps than tacos), Guacamoles has it all. For 24 years, this family owned and operated restaurant has been serving lunch and dinner with family recipes and smiles. My date and I were fortunate to share some time with the owner and hear the passion he has for this place, his dream.

We shared a few favorites including “The Big Guac” burrito which is filled with just about everything in the kitchen! The flavors were as big as the portions. The diced roasted chicken was tender and well-seasoned. We would also share the fresh fish tacos and shrimp tacos. The fish was a generous piece of Atlantic cod that easily flaked apart. The sauce is a secret but I’ll say it was rich, savory and addictive! We wanted to try the nachos as well, even though we were quite satisfied with the amount of food we had just received, but as a nacho lover, I had to know how they would “stack up”. Upon the owner’s suggestion, we would share the Guacs Nachos made with shoestring fries instead of their homemade tortilla chips. With all the classic toppings, diced carne asada and homemade salsa from the salsa bar, they were a hit! This casual night out was more than we had expected from such a small venue.

We were quite satisfied with our meal when we noticed their dessert selections, which included an apple quesadilla. Hmmm, we like apples and we like cheese but how are these ingredients going to come together? The answer is, “deliciously!” Cinnamon and sugar coated thinly sliced apples paired with melted cheese in a warm tortilla: a perfect end to a great evening out in Palm Springs. What a unique experience that didn’t break the bank.

Guacamoles is located on the southwest corner of S. Sunrise Way and Ramon Road. Open from 10am Monday through Saturday, their large menu is available until 9pm weekdays and until 8pm Saturdays. Sunday hours are from 11am to 3pm. This will definitely be your new lunch break hangout or an easy take home dinner for the family if cooking is not your thing. (760)325-9766