Clear your front porch of unnecessary clutter. That garden hose could cause a fall and best belongs in the back yard. Lawn decorations are fine as long as they are well lit and away from the walkway where small children could bump and fall.

Are all your exterior light bulbs working? Check and replace any that need replacing.

Plan a route. Prior to the night of trick or treating, go over it. Look for houses to veer away from and pot holes or broken curbs to be cautious around.

Remind children that candy is not to be eaten at all until all children are home. Practice stranger danger games with younger children and make sure they answer correctly that they will not enter into a stranger’s house at all for any reason.

Make sure each child has a light stick, and the adult or the supervising youth has a working flashlight, with fresh batteries. Carry a cell phone; make sure it is charged.

If your child will be wearing a mask, make sure that the child has mouth, nose and eye openings. Fire-retardant material was invented for a reason. Make sure your child knows their name, phone number, and address in case he or she becomes separated from the group.

Drivers, be on the lookout this night for children darting out from between parked cars. If you see one, wait, chances are there is another one right behind!

For additional safety information contact your local fire department and/or visit:

Be Safe and Happy Halloween!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna