By Craig Michaels

Having read Author Tina Marx’s’ first book, The Domino Effect “Faith vs Fear,” I was anxious to read her follow up; Intimacy “Into You and Me I See.” In this 100 page book she explains why there is a reason for every relationship in our lives. I admit, I had a new definition of a “Soul Mate” when I finished this paperback. Tina hopes as you read her self-awareness book, that you allow your prospective to shift from one of fear into one of faith.  She shares a common conception that you have to change the way you’re thinking, for things to change around you.

What I like most about Tina’s writing is how she leaves herself vulnerable to the reader by sharing very sensitive personal information to illustrate her points. She explains how her personal life laid the ground work for this informative book; “I found myself going through a lot of romantic struggles the past couple of years, and being the seeker that I am, I began to take a close look at my behavior and became more conscious when something gave me an “emotional charge”.  Honestly, once I had the outline for the book, it pretty much wrote itself.”

A holistic life coach who possesses a master’s degree in metaphysics, Tina combines her education and life experiences when creating the eight principals outlined in the book. “My Metaphysical background played a big part which deals largely with your conscious and subconscious mind, as well as your spirit,” explains Tina. The first principle sets the tone for the whole book; “Be Honest with Yourself and Others.” This book demands self-honesty and accountability.

In the book Tina talks about how she carried around emotional baggage for years from her abusive father.  Having gone through something similar I could relate to how this diminished her self-confidence as a young adult. Reading this book encourages you to shine a light on some of those sensitive dark corners of your subconscious mind that have been controlling your actions without you even knowing it.  The main theme of the book is working on you, from the inside out not the outside in.

INTIMACYBOOK-op1The eight principals in this book will challenge you to take an honest look at past relationships and own your part. I really related to principal number four, “Don’t be Attached to Outcomes, But Retain Expectations.” While doing some self-examining of my own I realized, I spent a lot of time worrying about situations that haven’t even happened yet. Tina points out that while it is good to set goals and envision a clear outcome, when we attach ourselves to a certain outcome, we can end up limiting ourselves to other possibilities.

You’ll also find four helpful steps for processing emotional pain when reading principal six; “Recognize the Fear Behind all Attacks.” To a certain degree we are all battling an “Internal Bully” which often causes us to lash out and create arguments. To help you understand this and all the principles in the book, Tina does a great job of breaking it all down and simplifying it so you can apply it to your life.

You can purchase a copy of her book; Intimacy “Into you and me I see,” on Next Saturday May 2, 2015, Tina will have a book signing at: Nicole Clothing Store on El Paseo from 1pm to 4pm. If you would like to contact her regarding her books or motivational coaching, her email is:

Written By: Craig Michaels
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