With Phil Lacombe

Joshua “Tree” Sipe

Where do you tat:
I currently work from my private studio space by appointment. It’s located in Bermuda Dunes. I have had the pleasure of working in almost all the shops out here in the valley, really blessed they had me. My clientele really like the private thing though and that’s where I’m at most of the time.

Why did you start tattooing:
I started tattooing in 1995 in Venice California. I had been in the movie industry (camera department) for years. That work was slowing down so I was looking for a new job. I fell in with some guys at the beach that agreed to apprentice me and from there I fell in love with it. I always loved to draw and paint and this seemed like the next step for me. To do it on skin is the highest form of Art to me.

What style of tattooing do you enjoy the most:
I have always loved doing any style my clients ask for, it is always challenging. If I had to pick a specific style now I would say large color and realism. Those would be my favorite but I never liked to limit myself to just one style because all of it is a lot of fun!

Who inspires you to tattoo:
Some of my earliest influences were Paul Booth, Tim Lehi, Freddy Negrete, Bob Tyrrell, Guy Aitchinson and lots of others. Now currently there’s so much talent out there the list is pretty long. People like Josh Duffy, Rich Pineda, Cory Norris, Jeremiah Barba, Victor Portugal, Johan Finne’, Boris, Roman Abrego. One huge influence on me has and still is my good friend and fellow tattoo Artist Ty McEwen, he always had my back and continues to push me with my Art.

If you could tattoo anywhere in the world where would you go:
I haven’t had much chance to travel as of yet, I’m a single dad and everything goes for my kid first. If I had a chance to I would travel to Europe and get lost for many years going everywhere and anywhere I could to soak up all the Artistic influences going down over there. In the states I would love to hit the east coast up since I’ve never been that way yet.

Tell me your favorite tattoo story about one of your clients:
One of my favorite stories is about this guy named Sam. Sam first started coming to me back around 2005 or so. He didn’t look to have a lot of tattoos but he was covered already on his arms and chest/torso area. The day I met him he was wearing long sleeves and had long hair that covered up around his neck line. He had this huge beard like ZZ Top. It was too cool. I asked him how long it took him to grow, he said ‘like 8 years’ hah! Well over the time I worked on him I learned how much he loved getting his ink but to respect his parents never had any that were too exposed. He would were long sleeves and use his long hair and beard to cover them up. I respected that and he was a super cool guy….nice, quiet and a great client that never moved haha! I covered every inch on his body except for his neck and hands. The real deal as far as clients go, thanks for the support Sam!

Contact Joshua at 760-636-3671
email – jtree44@msn.com