By Craig Michaels

For the past 15 years, Kinetix Health and Performance Center in Palm Desert has been providing wellness services to their clients whose goal is to regain their health. Known as the elite health and training center for all ages in the Coachella Valley, Kinetix provides an integrated approach to healthcare needs.  Owners Michael and Susan Butler realized after working with youth camps there was a real need for sports conditioning.  Over the years they noticed their rehabilitation technics also began attracting aging Boomers who were looking to reduce pain and inflammation.

Five years ago, Michael and Susan Butler were introduced to a new treatment called, Cryotherapy.  While this procedure is relatively new to the desert, Cryotherapy has been used as early as the seventeenth century. This cold air procedure is known to increases the quality of life and reduced pain and swelling. From professional athletes to weekend warriors and people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions, Cryotherapy has become a part of their recovery routine.

During the whole body Cryotherapy, clients are encapsulated in a tube wearing minimal clothing while freezing cold air is pumped into the chamber for up to three minutes 3. The goal is to rapidly reduce the surface temperature of the skin causing the blood to increase in circulation.  Your blood becomes optimally oxygenated which accelerates the healing process of your body.  The reduction in pain and swelling improves joint function and results in overall sooner return to your daily activities.

Every client has different variations of pain or swelling so it is recommended you allow for at least 3 Cryotherapy sessions and possibly combine this with other treatments such as Active Release, Massage Therapy and Personal Training. After a few sessions of Cryotherapy clients have also experienced healthier skin, natural energy boost, better sleep and some relief of depression and anxiety.

If you would like to read more about Cryotherapy you can go to the Kinetix web site: You can call to make an appointment call: (760) 200-1719.

Written By: Craig Michaels Productions

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