Not long ago mothers were told their children’s use of illicit drugs were a death warrant, “marijuana will fry your brain.” Every government edict federal or state started the illicit war on drugs and kept legitimate natural plants from being used for medicinal purposes. The political lies were so pervasive is it any wonder today the public is rejecting every medical edict? Now there is a movement in Denver, CO to legalize magic mushrooms (MM) for medicinal use. Go to this website for the science on MM free of the political lies.

Since 1990 the US Government, through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has given Rafael Mechoulam, a scientist living in Israel ten million dollars every year to study the chemistry in the cannabis/marijuana plant (MMJ). He isolated the delta9hydrocannabinal (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in the plant. It begs the question what studies the NIH are supporting on the medicinal use of MM.

Mechoulam began researching how these molecules change behavior in laboratory animals with the help of that ten million dollars a year from NIH. Who knew that out of the governments mouth on banning drugs they were spending millions to justify the use of illicit drugs? Mechoulam’s work continued and in 1990 he discovered the twelfth physiological system in the body of mammals: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). He did not stop there. He identified the orphan receptors in our bodies for THC and CBD. He named them CB1 and CB2.

Fast forward to 2003 and the US Government has a Patent 6630507B1 which states cannabinoids from the MMJ plant has medicinal uses as an antioxidant and a neuroprotectant. They continued their discriminatory propaganda against MMJ.

The beauty of our republic is that we can influence government policy by our votes for initiatives and our vocal pressure on our legislators. Senator Ron Wyden has introduced legislation in the Senate S. 420 — The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act — to permit states to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal interference. In addition to removing marijuana from the United States Controlled Substances Act, this legislation also removes enforcement power from the US Drug Enforcement Administration in matters concerning marijuana possession, production, and sales — thus permitting state governments to regulate these activities as they see fit.

If you need help with shifting through this propaganda on natural plants the most trusted professional to educate is a nurse. Nurses are providing the gateway to knowledge on cannabis/marijuana, magic mushrooms or any other plant use. The Holistic Nurses Association is an organization developed in 1998. Holistic Nursing is not merely something a nurse does. It is also an attitude, a philosophy and a way of being that requires nurses to integrate self-care, self-responsibility, spirituality, and reflection in their lives. This often leads the nurse to greater awareness of the interconnectedness of self, others, nature, spirit and relationship with the global community.

Holistic Caring is an organization that educates clients on a more natural way to health.  A holistic path out of pain and discomfort, where you use your body’s own compensatory mechanisms. Traditional medicine does a poor job emphasizing this path, because it is not reimbursed by our ‘sick care’ system. Holistic practitioners use this approach with limited results, and it takes a long time. Most people give up because they lose patience. But the good news for you, is that there is a way to expedite the holistic path – supplementing the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates and balances your cells with more receptors in the brain, organs, lymph, and skin than any other neurotransmitter in your body.

Senate S.420 will end up in the dust bin of expired bills if the public does not participate. Please share this info and go to this website to send a letter to your congressman. educates, guides and empowers you to make choices that improve health and relieve suffering. What better gift of love on Valentine’s Day then to schedule an appointment for your loved one?

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