It’s not uncommon for women to be envious of a man’s lashes. We wish we had them, or even a fraction of their lushness and length. Even though males are genetically predisposed to have longer lashes to keep debris from entering the eyes of the hunter-gatherers, there are several treatments on the market today to help women overcome their genetic shortcomings. Long lashes have been an ancient beauty trend dating back thousands of years. But a revived lust for the lash has evolved and women are seeking out more than mascara to get the desired look. While mascara is still the most widely used tool to enhance the lash, we now have an army of options to impress any ocular onlookers.
Fake eyelashes are no longer reserved for theater performers and exotic dancers. Women of all ages and professions are adhering falsies to the lids on a daily basis. This is certainly the least expensive way to extend and enhance, but often looks tacky and cheap. Beware of the self-applied stickies unless you have the steady hand and artful approach needed to apply them like a pro.
Eyelash lust is so popular salons are cropping up that cater specifically to the beautification of the lash. Extensions à la Kim Kardashian can be attained by visiting salons such as the Lash Lounge located inside the Trio salon on El Paseo. While eyelash extensions are a little costly, the long lasting look may be well worth the price. The procedure is fairly simple, much like hair extensions. Be sure to look for a trained expert, sine the delicate hairs must be meticulously placed so they don’t end up resembling a rat’s nest on your eyelids. There are also doctors who will provide a lash transplant surgery where hairs are taken from another area on your body and surgically transplanted into your upper eyelid where lashes grow. This delicate and surgery comes with significant risks and benefits and is only suitable for a handful of patients.
The most common lash solution is not fake lashes at all. Latisse is a prescription liquid that is simply brushed onto your upper eyelid, right where you would apply eyeliner. It was actually derived from a glaucoma medication, where doctors were noticing patients experiencing the side effect of darker, thicker lash growth. Pharmaceutical company Allergan isolated the chemical causing the growth and birthed Latisse. Of course, like any drug, it also has risks and possible side effects. Persons with light colored eyes may experience an irreversible darkening of the iris (yikes) and additional hair growth on places other than the intended lashes (double yikes). The good thing is the excessive hair growth that may occur on lids and cheeks will go away once the product is discontinued. The bad news is, your luxurious lashes will shrink back to normal as well.
So go ahead and lash out. Play with the trends and your options. Since eyes are the window to the soul, why not dress them up a bit. Whether they are natural or enhanced, love your lashes.

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