By Lola Rossi

Lucky Tongue, performs “New Sixties” Rock and Roll, this Saturday, March 22, from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. at The Palm Canyon Roadhouse, 535 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs. (760) 327-4080. They performed there as part of Brad Mercer’s Bands “N” Fans Show in 2012.

I happened to stop by Dickie O’Neal’s Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s Day, and walked into a room filled with people of all ages listening and dancing to their favorite songs from the sixties. The band’s energy and passion for the music was evident and the crowd loved them, applauding after every song. Then I found out, this was no ordinary band. This is a Father performing with his two Sons, playing music they all love, and making a living doing it. What more of a blessing can you ask for?

Born and raised in Coeuré Aleme, Idaho, Blaine Ward started playing guitar when he was 14 years old, took Band Class in High School and formed his own band. “Music in school is one of the most important classes to be part of,” said Ward. “By the time my two Sons were in school, the program was no longer in existence.”

Realizing the importance of music in his life, he bought his two sons musical instruments; Blade a guitar and Dylan a set of drums. “I think it is very important for children to express themselves and music is a great outlet for creativity. The boys started playing together and while learning a few songs, I picked up my bass and joined them.” They all loved the music from the sixties, especially the songs from the “British Invasion” so they concentrated on learning some of those songs. With only an hour of music to play, which included six original songs, they were hired for a student conference in Nevada. This was the beginning of their new musical journey as a family band.

They didn’t have a name for the band, but everyone kept telling them how lucky they all were to be a family that plays music together. Let’s face it, how many people get to do that? So they thought about the comments, and Lucky Tongue was born.

About four years ago, they were in Oceanside, California, where Blade was in cancer treatment. Word got to Sir Paul McCartney, that he was there and that the family group played several Beatles songs in tribute to The British Invasion. McCartney sent a limo to bring them to the Hollywood Bowl for his performance that evening. “They took us backstage and we sat for 30 minutes chatting with Paul and met all the band members. We were then ushered to some charming little seats to watch the concert.”

During their time spent with McCartney, one of the most important things they were told was to “Practice everyday.” So they did and still do. Last year, they were fortunate to go to England and perform 23 shows. This was their “Tour of Gratitude” which is their tribute to the British Invasion. They were embraced by the Brits and passed out 10,000 pin on badges that read, “Thank You Great Britain! For The British Invasion.”

This group travels all over the United States and are planning another trip to Europe. You can watch You Tube videos of them and view their web-site: See you at there!