by Amanda Dorta
This week we showcase a local four piece band named CAXTON, Coachella Valleys first official “Benefit Band” to be recognized by the Support and Education of Local Music and Arts charity. These socially conscious members of our community are all under thirty and have booked and reliably performed free of charge for many of our local charities and their events. “Caxton is…always arriving and departing with an atmosphere of class and responsibility from set up through teardown…setting a great example for all charitable event volunteers”, S.E.L.M.A. Vice President Terra Schmid states. This year alone CAXTON has provided several benefit performances including Martha’s Village and Kitchen, Support and Education for Local Music and Arts, KTs Kitchen, Father Joe, and Rally for Riley at the Hood Bar in Palm Desert . Christina Reyes was recently reported announcing “We are the local benefit band…If you need… Call (us) and we will benefit you!”
Christina Reyes, is an incredible writer and the owner of the bands consistent vocals. She fully engages you into the keyboard as Brian Pelletier jumps rope into your heartbeat with his on point drumming and almost bad boyish good looks. Framing this perfect picture we see CAXTON Guitarist, Adam Surdin on stage right. He can also be found framing art at “Howards” Back Door Galley of Rancho Mirage. Stage left we find Brett McLaughlin, an educator/freelance animator who is the source of all the bass. The bass plays with the guitar and the guitar with the keys. The voice and the drums start tapping into your nervous system coaxing you to play along and you find yourself wondering how lyrics and sounds like these aren’t already in every Americans car stereo and on every IPOD.
It’s exciting to hear Christina’s upcoming event announcements at the end of each performance. She reminds us that all of CAXTON music can be found on ITUNES and that CAXTON can be seen supporting our community once again at the upcoming 5th Annual Autism Awareness Concert, May 19th at the Indio Performing Arts Center(I.P.A.C.) 45-175 Fargo Street, Indio, CA 92201 Doors open 7:30 pm – 1:00am. We dance, sing and shout to generously thank CAXTON for all their quality based acts of selflessness in our community.

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