By Sunny Simon

After spending hours perfecting your resume you are now ready to electronically deliver your document to a desirable company. Knowing you are the ideal candidate for that coveted opening gets your heart pumping. Thinking it is just a matter of time before you wow the hiring manager with concrete examples detailing your skills and experience your hand reaches for the send button. Wait! What is this requirement about a video?

Get ready folks because the latest technique for a competitive job search is uploading a “Video Resume” to your LinkedIn profile as well as to job search websites that focus on video, such as If you thought video resumes were just for actors or CEO candidates, think again. Although it is rare a company will actually request a video prior to considering you for an interview, this technology is compliant with anti-discrimination guidelines. According to Spark Hire “video resumes are gaining acceptance as standard hiring material.” Bear in mind a quality video profile does not replace your resume. Think of it as an add-on tool enhancing your chances of getting hired.

If you are thinking of starting a job search or have your eye on joining a competitive firm now is the time to make your digital debut. There is a definite protocol you should understand prior to getting started. You’ve been taught to limit your written resume to two-pages. The same holds true for your video profile. It should not be a full-length feature film. Employers and recruiters don’t have time to for lengthy screenings. The experts at spark Hire recommend limiting it to 60 seconds.

Prior to filming, think it through. Like a cover letter, your video should not repeat facts found in your resume. Use this one minute opportunity to talk about your skills and experience by elaborating on a bullet point in your resume. Talking about a major achievement illustrates the value you bring to a potential employer. Communication skills are an obvious factor showcased in your video. Make certain your verbal dialogue is clear and easy to understand. Don’t be too serious or display a dead-pan manner. Let your personality shine through. Show enthusiasm and a passion for your profession.

Here’s the good news. Unlike an interview where there are no “do-overs,” creating a video resume is like playing with Photoshop. Keep perfecting your video until you feel it is Oscar worthy then post on social media and attach the url to your resume. Now, take a bow. You earned it!

Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at

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