By Esther Sanchez

Although he is probably best known for his work at local radio station KKUU, and rocking desert dance floors between Palm Springs and Las Vegas, Cathedral City resident Albert Ramirez’s first love is music production, specifically the creation and mixing of digital instrumental tracks. Ramirez: “I had always been interested in making beats and the production side of music. I was a guy at home with my computer making music without much of an audience to share it with. The reason I started doing the DJ thing is because I wanted a platform from which to present my music. It’s a way to get my stuff to the people.”

When I asked Ramirez what type of music he likes to play he was hesitant and thoughtful with his answer. Ramirez: “I guess it’s now referred to as, ‘EDM’ or ‘electronic dance-music?’ Which I get, but I feel like it really over-simplifies a genre of music that has been around for a while now and has evolved into so many different subgenres that just calling it EDM is not at all specific enough to get a real idea of what it sounds like. At least that is true for fans of EDM and club/rave scenes.”

A native of the San Fernando Valley, this 25 year old CCHS alum didn’t arrive in the desert until his junior year of High School and sees the Coachella Valley as his second home. I asked Ramirez, what he thought about the music scene in the Coachella Valley and once again, this soft-spoken guy hesitated. His pale-blue eyes focused squarely on mine and he responded: “To be honest, from my perspective is that there isn’t much of one but I understand that’s my perspective from my specific genre of music. I know there are lots of really good musicians around town and I am looking forward to meeting as many of them as I can and collaborating with as many of them as I can. There is a lot I want to do beyond what I am currently doing and known for.”

When he isn’t doing production work or DJing at the radio station or traveling to events between So-Cal and Vegas, Ramirez is showcasing his skills regularly as the Friday night resident DJ at the recently opened, Bart Lounge in Cathedral City which, in my opinion happens to be one of the coolest spots around. Ramirez: “Yeah, this is a really cool spot to play music. Between the art, the patios, the cheap drinks and the music, it really is a great spot that people haven’t heard of yet.”

Ramirez’s description of Bart Lounge is somewhat reflective of my personal opinion of the place. I like to call it, “The best little bar that you haven’t heard of yet.” I had heard some buzz about this place that recently opened up on 111, directly above Upper Crust Pizza that has beautiful murals, regularly rotating art showcases, pool tables, comfy furniture, multiple patios (one on a balcony), live music and/or DJ every day, vintage video games and probably the best drink specials in the valley. With happy hour specials every day between 4:00 pm-8:00 pm and 10:00 pm-closing, patrons can enjoy $2.00 drafts, Buds and well-drinks, and $4.00 pitchers.

Seriously, you guys…….My group had four drinks. Two tequila/tonics, one vodka-cranberry and a draft beer and the check was only $10.00! I can’t think of anyplace around that can beat that price much less provide that gorgeous, uber-hip atmosphere.

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