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By Sunny Simon

A number of my Facebook friends love taking tests. You know what I’m talking about, right? For example, there is the Color Personality Test, How Old Do You Really Act Test, and the What Should Your Parents Have Named You Test. (I got Emma by the way). I’m not big on this, but since many of my friends are, I once posted a link to a website devoted to these tests. They happily spent time finding out important facts like: What Color Your Thoughts Are.

Well I have a test for you. It’s about gift giving. Coincidentally, this is my birthday week and I can tell you exactly what will happen. My friend Nancy will give me some wonderfully practical item (last year it was organizers for my luggage) that I will keep forever. Janie will send me something lovely but it will probably arrive in November. She has a loving, generous nature, but tends to run behind a bit.

From my husband it will be something he knows I want even though I never expressed it. He is perceptive that way. Samantha loves sweets. Whenever I go to her home for dinner she greets me with a cocktail loaded with sugary fruity stuff. The thing is, I am a savory. Forget the apple-tini, I prefer mine dry, straight up and please include three olives. My gift from Samantha will probably be some luscious chocolate-fudgy something or other. I sincerely appreciate her gifts as much as the others. Although she doesn’t realize my preference, she gives me something she perceives as absolutely over-the-top. At the end of the day I will be reminded that I am truly blessed.

Sure birthdays are fun and gifts are great, but what I want you to rate yourself on are the non-material gifts you offer the world. Are you generous with your compliments? Do you lavish praise on others, especially those who desire your approval. Are you taking time to offer encouragement and a helping hand? Do you mentor and act as a role model for others? Do you give of your time and stay present in the moment when interacting with loved ones? Is gratitude high on your priority list?

If you passed this quiz with flying colors I applaud you for being a blessing to others. Did you come in a little lean in some areas? No worries. We are all a work in progress. Just try a little harder. And thanks! I am grateful to you for reading my column in the CV Weekly.

Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at www.raisethebarhigh.com