By Phil Lacombe

Name: Raymond Thi Gomez …. I go by (SAVAGE).

Where you tat: I currently tattoo out of Art & Ink Tattoo Studio in Coachella and Indio.

Why you started tattooing: I’ve always drawn, but I started by drawing pics for people when I was 17 and they would get them tatted. A year went by when I turned 18 my parents got a tattoo kit. So I eventually started tattooing and it was hard at first. I went years off and on and it wasn’t easy. I was self-taught, as years went by I got the hang of it and just stayed with it and got better and better. Now I’ve been tattooing out of shops since 2007.

What style of tattooing do you enjoy the most: I enjoy it all. I don’t stay to one style. I do a LOT of black and grey west coast style tatts … But I like traditional Japanese tattoo art and color. I just enjoy tattooing all styles.

Who inspires you to tattoo: I try to be inspired by other artists I work with and artists I see. The art of tattoo keeps me inspired to keep at it. There’s so much you can learn and different styles you can apply to tattooing.

If you could tattoo anywhere in the world where would you go: I would like to tattoo in Japan, Mexico City or South America, just to see all the different artists and styles. Hopefully, this next year I’ll be going around the world.

Tell me your favorite tattoo story about one of your clients: I have a funny story. One time at the shop some guy was going to get a tattoo on his arm, nothing big just a small tattoo. I did one line and he said ‘Forget this, it hurts!!’ He got up, paid me for the tattoo he didn’t get, and jammed never to be seen again. That one always comes to mind.

Art & Ink Tattoo:
51645 Harrison Coachella, California 92236
Phone- (760) 398-3238