This Saturday Night at Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert

By Tracy Dietlin

During several phone interviews with members of Se7en4 over the last few weeks it is clear that Se7en4 is ready to take their in your face, no holds barred, raucous, hard driving, unapologetic, punk rock shenanigans to a whole other level at Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert this Saturday night.

The band formed back in 2000, and while they have never broken up they have taken breaks or been on hiatus, mainly due to the continuing loss of bass players. John McCarthy was the original bass player and after he left three more would follow including; Elexis Becken (also formerly of Phallus and currently living in Texas in the band Good Shive Low), Armando Flores (Nick’s older brother and former bass player in too many bands to print but current drummer for Blasting Echo and bassist for Pedestrians) and currently Trevino Martin (also plays in Rippsville City Hall, one of Steve Hall’s other bands).

Everyone in the band is singing the praises of the newest member Trevino Martin. “We weren’t playing for a while because we didn’t have a bass player and then Trevino came along,” says Hall. “They’re some hard shoes to fill for a bass player because the past three we’ve had have all been so awesome. But Trevino and I were already involved in another project Rippsville City Hall and I told the rest of the guys let’s give him a try and after the first song he played with us we knew it was the right fit.”

That was almost a year ago and now Trevino is no longer the new bass player but a solid member of the band and in it for the long haul. For those not familiar with the band’s other members are; Nick Flores (vocals), Pete Burquez (guitar) and Steve Hall (drums).

For anyone who knows Se7en4 and has seen one of their shows and followed their careers… they have built a reputation on being the original PD party boys with their legendary antics. While they may have grown up and older in their personal lives don’t expect that to reflect in their music. It’s as raw and as real as it ever was.

Last month at the Red Barn their show was explosive when Se7en4 took the small stage over and the audience hostage with their balls to the wall punk rock performance.

Front man Nick Flores was in top form belting out his in your face lyrics that are riddled with anger, cockiness and downright debauchery. The rest of the band was tight and cohesive with Trevino Martin slapping the bass, Pete Burquez’s electrifying guitar licks and Steve Hall tearing up the skins and giving one of his best performances ever. These guys tore it up! And they will do the same at Schmidy’s.

Here is Part 1 of the interview with Se7en4:

CVW: So a lot has happened since we sat down for our last interview in July of 2013. I hear there are some good things happening. Please share.

Nick Flores: Well we’re going to be recording with Mikey Doling (Snot, Channel Zero) down in LA in March. We got somebody that believed in us to put up the money. We pretty much manage ourselves but we decided we should get a lawyer. So we did and started some copyright things and got the ball rolling for March. We’ve always talked about how cool it would be if a record label wanted to sign us or if someone came along with money that wanted to invest in us so this is pretty cool.

CVW: So are you in talks with any labels?

NF: We’re going to start out on our own small label and sure it would be great if a major label came along because of course we’d like to get compensated. But for now we’re going to market ourselves and who knows we might not even need a label. The future is open.

CVW: And you just recently released a video for your song “Do You Bruise Eazy”. Who recorded that?

NF: We just filmed a video last month. Our good friend Chucky (Chuck Films Ortega) who does a lot of hip-hop artists around here did it. We’re the first rock band I think he’s ever worked with. We hooked up with him through Thr3 Strykes, Steve’s little brother Josh’s band. He filmed us down in LA where we practice, out on the streets, at the Helmut show at The Date Shed and then put it all together.

CVW: So the current demo you have out now. Did Mikey record any of those tracks?

NF: Yes. He did 3 songs “Do You Bruise Easy”, “My Flow” and “Barrio Rave”. Then Steve Feldman recorded “Pedal to the Metal”, “Lovin’” and some other tracks. We didn’t even think about what songs should be first or anything like that we just mixed it all up so we could hand out some CDs.

CVW: That is a great way to build your fan base. Our house has a CD in the living room, in the bedroom and one in the car that have been there for a couple months. Will there be new songs on the disc you’re recording in March with Mikey?

NF: Ya….everyone’s been really creative and it’s been really fruitful writing new material. And Steve’s been working really hard setting up shows for us.

CVW: What is different about the new material you are working on.

NF: Well Tracy, I’d like to say that my lyrics are now more spiritual and mature…but they’re not! It’s still the same hard driving, in-your-face sound. We’re just more focused as a band now.

CVW: I know that you’ve played several shows since you guys reunited last July for Phil’s birthday party at Plan B. You did some shows in LA and here locally you opened for Helmut at Date Shed, the show at The Hood and the last one at Red Barn with The Hellions in January was off the hook. Now you’re going to play this Saturday at Schmidy’s for the first time and hopefully some new people will come out and see how amazing you guys are and vote for you to play Tachevah.

NF: That would be great. We would love to play Tachevah and have been promoting ourselves like crazy on FB for it.

At press time it was announced that Se7en4 would be opening up for their musical heroes, Snot, with Mikey Doling on March 14 at The Hood in Palm Desert. All four guys are extremely excited to share the stage with Dolan. I asked Pete Burquez what it meant to him.

Pete Burquez: I’ve been friends with Mikey since 1993 when I was playing with the band Enrage and he did a cameo with us on stage. He has been such a big influence on me….like a big brother. When Snot came out they just blew everything up.

You will need to stay tuned for Part 2 of the Se7en4 interview when all four members talk about how things are going in the studio in March before their next show with Snot. Also look for the interview with Mikey Doling. For now….don’t miss out on this local band destined for big success. Come out on Saturday night at Schmidy’s at 10pm and check out Se7en4 along with Bridger and Thr3 Strykes. This is a free show.

Until then here are a few questions the band answered for us.

Favorite Song:
Pete: Can I just say a bunch of cool songs all rolled up into one universal one. The first album my Mom ever bought me was KC & the Sunshine Band.
Nick: Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
Steve: Motley Crue “Looks That Kill”
Trevino: Pantera “Cowboys From Hell”

Favorite Album:
Nick: Snot’s – Get Some. All the angst and beautifulness and the hard driving rock and roll.
Pete: Ya…definitely Snot. It was so cool back then when it came out to see my bro (Mikey Doling) playing guitar. Still to this day I can listen to one of those songs and get re-inspired.
Steve: Deftones – Around the Fur (second choice Sublime)
Trevino: Suicidal Tendencies – Lights… Camera… Revolution

Favorite Band:
Pete: Santana musician wise as a guitar player he’s one of my all-time favorites. Deftones.
Nick: Snot
Pete: Ya again Snot. I mean they just stuck out like a sore thumb.
Steve: Se7en4

Favorite Local Band:
Steve: The Hellions and anything Mike Johnson (Mike Pygmie) is involved with.

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