-Selma Grows

Support and Education for Local Music and Arts, Coachella Valley Chapter (www.selmagrows.org) has recently joined on with a grass roots organization, the Coachella Valley Disk Jockey Association (CVDJA) with support for an exiting event unlike any this valley has witnessed prior. September, 27 2012 we can look forward to CVDJA hosting an ALL HIGH SCHOOL, FREE PROM COMPETION!

The Organization founder, Craig Michaels, is committed to strengthening our community’s event specialties while creating opportunity for up and coming DJs. At CVDJA the mission is about working together for a common goal. New DJ talents will benefit to learn from seasoned DJs about the bigger picture beyond the hype and self representation of the DJ world. CVDJA acknowledge the limited amount of resources available to new DJ talent and provides supportive, knowledgeable, and seasoned DJs for up and comers to learn from and collaborate with. SELMA encourages CVDJA in asking that the new talent be willing to participate in the organizations growth, through the many training roles available during live event production.

At the beginning of the school year all participating High Schools will receive equal awareness and opportunity to attend the very special All High School, FREE PROM COMPETION event. The High School that has the highest percentage of student event attendance receives an EXLUSIVE ALL EXPENSES PAID PROM FOR THE 2013 SCHOOL YEAR from CVDJA and their many community supporters.

The planning and execution of this event represents the soul of Support and Education for Local Music and Arts, and this collaboration of people who love what they do and want to share it with the youth of their community is notably going above and beyond. The SELMA team is looking forward to the addition CVDJA to the growing list of public benefit organizations offered through our community. If you are interested in promoting yourself, participating in the execution of the All High School event or supporting Coachella Valley Disk Jockey Association please contact CVDJA founder Craig Michaels at Musical Affair craig@musicalaffair.com (760)619-3276