By Haddon Libby

Are you only voting this year in order to legalize marijuana? If so, we here at CV Weekly want to help you in completing the rest of your ballot as there are a couple of other propositions on the ballot as well as a race for President, the US Senate and a bunch of other positions.

Legalize marijuana with a YES on 64.

Vote NO on 51 as this is a boondoggle for builders at your expense.

Vote YES on 52 as everyone wants it except for a couple of pissed off union leaders.

Vote YES on 53 if you think our elected’s should get our approval before spending billions of dollars.

A YES on 54 means that those same elected types in Sacramento have to tell people what they are voting on before they vote on it.  You aren’t high – sometimes they have secret votes.

A YES on 55 means that the wealthiest will pay a small tax to help the poorest in paying for healthcare.

If you vape, vote YES on 56 so that you can pay more for vapes and smokes with nicotine. 

Vote YES on 57 if you think prison officers should be able to parole criminals whenever they want and not have to listen to judges. 

Vote YES on 58 if you think schools should offer bilingual education to kids who struggle with English.

Vote YES on 59 if you want to tell Washington DC that corporations shouldn’t be able to buy elections.

You want to see more condoms in X-rated films, right?  The only way that this may happen is if you vote YES on 60.  In truth, those filmmakers will just move to Nevada costing California a lot in taxes.

Want cheaper prescription drugs?  Vote YES on 61.

Do you want to get rid of the death penalty?  Vote YES on 62.

If you think the mentally ill and felons need easy access to ammunition, vote NO on 63.

Vote NO on 65 as this is a b.s. initiative by plastic bag makers.

Want remove the endless appeals that death row inmates have?  If so, vote YES on 66.

Do you want to get rid of free plastic bags at grocery stores?  Vote YES on Prop 67.  This is not deja vu all over again, you voted for a plastic bag ban just a few years ago.

For President, your vote doesn’t matter as Hillary has an insurmountable lead in California despite the emails on Weiner’s computer.  As such, vote for Tommy Chong or a third party candidate so that you can tell ‘the man’ that you don’t like the lame choices offered up.

For California Senator, the fix is in and President Obama’s favorite, Kamala Harris, will win.  Obama once sort of said that Kamala is one hot piece of legislator (which did not sit well with Michelle).

For the House of Representatives, Dr. Raul Ruiz is the incumbent and will win.  If you don’t like him, vote for yourself or Jeff Stone as you both have the same chances of winning.

For State Assembly, you know that this state is run by the Democratic Party, right?  As such, vote for Greg Rodriguez of Palm Springs if you want a representative who can get the Democrats to help out on issues critical to the Coachella Valley.  While Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley is a photogenic and seemingly nice Republican, do you really think that the Democrats will do anything to help him out? 

As for the rest of the local races, I’m out of space so you are on your own.  As there are a lot of good people and a few self-serving people running, spend a little time with friends and try to make some thoughtful decisions.

Haddon Libby is a Financial Advisor and Managing Director at Winslow Drake and can be reached at 760.449.6349 or