Hosted by Rebecca Fine Art Gallery, from March 26 through May 30.

By Angela Romeo

What makes this exhibition unique? “It is the culmination of, not only the career of artist Joe Novak, but the coming together of art – the partnerships, the influences, the collaborations,” noted gallery director Māris Kazaks. “This is special opportunity that the valley has not seen before, the coming together of works from over 50 artists. Some of the works are from well-known artists, other works from lesser known. But in every case the art stands strong and speaks loudly.”

Artist Joe Novak is the guest curator. “I took this task on because it afforded me the opportunity to present in a very visual and bold way, my sentiments about artists and their place in society. ‘Art’ is not about the art world – the hype and hyperbole. ‘Art’ is not about the museums nor the galleries nor event nor the artists themselves. ‘Art’ is simply about art, a force that connects generations,” stated Mr. Novak.  “The common thread of this exhibition is abstract/nonobjective painting, drawing, print making and sculpture that focus on color and light.”

Joe Novak has explored the concept of color and light through abstraction throughout his career. Constantly exploring and always pushing boundaries, Joe’s work includes large monochromatic color field canvases with tonal gradations and soft edges.  While living Santa Fe, New Mexico, he created Light Emanations, a computerized program of changing light levels and configurations on a selection of his large paintings.  But Joe’s work cannot be limited to any category. He has created significant work on canvas, panel and paper as well as monotypes, drawings, assemblages, mixed media and prints. At 85 Joe continues the journey.

“I have been influenced by the work of other artists. Sometimes in a dramatic way; other times in more subtle way. No artist cannot be influenced by what he sees and feels. I have also been fortunate to collaborate with other artists. Collaboration is art bridging ego, and defying expectations to create pure art.”

Joe drew on those experiences when selecting works for this show. “This exhibition is impactful because it allows the public to see how art lives and breathes. Art is crucial to us – in our everyday life and as the bridge to generations and societies. It is the dialogue.”

“Many of the works are for sale and I hope that collectors will recognize this opportunity to purchase significant art. Art needs to be seen and patrons are the doorway to that.”

“For a young gallery, such as my own, the show is amazing. It proves what I have known all along, that art lives in the Coachella valley. That we are perched to take our place as an art destination, “noted Gallerist Rebecca Pikus. “We are, and this show proves, a destination for art. There are few galleries that could have put together this show. But collaboration, as Joe has noted, can do great things. My gallery offers this work, not just for sale, but also to show that art is not to match the sofa. It is to mirror our lives.”

Rebecca Fine Art Gallery is located in the Perez Art & Design District, 68895 Perez Road, Suite7 Cathedral City.