By Bronwyn Ison

Recently my daughter received from her grandfather a brand new shiny tin lunch box. I confess he made a splendid decision. Wrapped around this shiny new tin is the famous wartime propaganda poster of a woman flexing her bicep, Rosie Riveter, “We Can Do It!” While the United States was at war in 1942 there was a labor shortage. Between 8 and 16 million women were employed in critical trades. This gave women an opportunity to make money on their own, gain independence and see the country. As a female entrepreneur I was inspired to write.

While I advocate women should be entrepreneurial, express their opinions and stand for what they believe is truth, I am not the woman who is shouting… I am woman hear me roar. Rather I am a woman who thrives on woman achieving their goals and aspirations. Wikipedia tells us, female entrepreneurs; encompass approximately one-third of all entrepreneurs worldwide. History reveals, entrepreneurship has been a male dominated pursuit. Think about the many memorable and inspirational female entrepreneurs.

Forbes magazine recognizes the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs. Although I will not be highlighting each of them in this article, I do have a couple. Prior to revealing my favorites I took a moment to ponder a few thoughts? Were these women simply lucky? Did they have opportunities that we may not have presented to us? How can we learn from them? What makes them different than you and me?

As a female with an opinion, I don’t believe it was luck. Perhaps they had a few lucky breaks along way (I like to call these blessings). We all know about being in the right place at the right time. You meet someone who knows someone and this could be timing. Each of us has opportunities displayed to us daily. It is what we do with them and how we can transition them into something greater. We can learn from other women. Other women can be extraordinary mentors. Why? They can understand more of our feelings, struggles and demands. Several female entrepreneurs are mothers. If you are a parent, receiving advice from a successful mother this can be encouraging. Because you are a parent does not mean your life stops. You will have to balance more of you energy and time. What is the difference between them and you? Nothing. One should ask; how badly do you want it? Are you willing to work harder and smarter than the other person?


My two favorite female entrepreneurs are Oprah Winfrey and J.K Rowling. I appreciate the humble beginnings of Oprah’s life and her journalistic spirit. J.K. Rowling, a single mother, Founder of the Harry Potter empire, should be an inspiration to all of us mother’s.

“We Can Do It,” it is only YOU that will keep you from achieving your dreams.

Bronwyn Ison is the Owner of Evovle Yoga. (760)-564-YOGA