Your eighth grade child may be attending, or have already attended some type of high school transition meeting. Please don’t panic, the schools are very good with making the transition a smooth and easy movement into the ninth grade. If you are in a bit of a panic because you have just realized that your baby is now only four years away from college, I am there with you. I too have an eighth grader, my oldest daughter, soon to move on to high school, but I am prepared. The time to act is now if you have a preference of high school for your child. High school placements will be filling up quick.
Like all public schools, high schools work off of a zoning chart that dictates those students eligible to attend. If you are among the lucky who like the high school they are zoned for, congratulations. Unfortunately, like many, I am not among those few. My family lives near a high school that my daughter is zoned for, but does not have the programs that would best suit my daughters talents, possible career choices, and academic needs. Nothing against the school that shall remain unnamed, but she has her eyes set on another school. My daughter, wife, and I have researched and found a high school that offers everything my daughter needs, unfortunately we have a minor setback. Not only are we out of zoning for the desired high school, we don’t even live in the same district. Lucky for us, the districts not only worked well together, but were also very helpful and accommodating. Here is some information on intra-district transfers and inter-district transfers for those needing a change.
Intra-district transfers are for those who wish to change from their zoned school to another school within another school district. The trick for the intra-district transfer is to get a transfer form filled, approved, and stamped from the district you currently reside in. Next, take the form to the new desired district and school. If the desired school is full, you will be denied. If your wish is to transfer within the same district that you reside in, your best bet is to join a lottery system based on three choices you pick that do not include the school you are zoned for. The down to this strategy is that you may still need to attend the very school you were trying to avoid. High schools such as La Quinta High School (LQHS) and Palm Desert High School (PDHS) are highly desired high schools and nearly impossible to attend unless zoned to attend.
DSUSD has a transfer deadline the day this paper will be distributed, 02-28-13, so the time to act is now. Do not be afraid to go after the school that best suits your child, or that your child may be happiest attending. Remember, educating our children is the number one priority. Let’s educate our children and give them what they want, which is the best education possible.