By Bronwyn Ison

Be cognizant of what you manifest as it may come true.  What is manifestation?  It is the art of making your desires materialize.  We should strive for manifesting positivity.  We are constantly manifesting.  As humans we create a flow of energy.  This energy attracts its likeness, positive or negative.

If you wake up with an unpleasant attitude you may project negative feelings from the moment you roll out of bed.  Chances are you will experience less than great day.  Arise with vigor and excitement regarding your day.  This excitement and positive energy will manifest your reality.  Can it truly be this simple?  Yes.  What you project is what you should expect in return.

What are your desires?  You possess complete power to manifest your desires, needs, and wants.  You can manifest with reference to anything your heart desires.  Manifest about your physical and emotional health, financial prosperity, relationships, school, work and overall success.  Most of us retain ideas and thoughts looming in our minds recurrently.  We have needs, desires, and wants.  Nothing is wrong or shameful about your desires.  So, how to do you progress from one point to the other?

Setting aside ten to fifteen minutes (preferably in the morning) is exactly what you need to commence your day.  Invite happiness and awareness to your meditation or time of prayer.  Relinquish all negativities.

Prior to manifesting be sure to clear you space.  In other words extinguish any disbeliefs you have about yourself.  Project positivity and keep a few affirmations nearby to keep you in check.  Your personal assignment, show up with a healthy mind.  The more you clear your thoughts and energy, the more positive experiences you will attract.

Not only do you need to clear your space, resolve to be clear about your desires.  You must maintain clear intentions. If your thoughts are jumbled you may manifest a lot of what you do not want or need.  Tap into a feeling.  Feel what it is that you want.  The feeling is what makes the manifestation materialize.

Now, you must think it, feel it and believe it!  Take your clear intention and manifest on it everyday.  Let the thought inform the feeling and let the feeling take over your energy.  You must believe it… then instantaneous cognizance.

Be patient.  Do not get anxious.  Trust that timing is everything.  You will be in the right place at the exact opportune time.  When you feel it, you can live it.  Be close to your desires, dreams and goals that you will hold it in the palm of you hand.  Trust that you are in possession of all the ingredients to your delectable reward.

Remain committed.  Stay true to who you are as a person.  Foster only healthy relationships.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga.  760.564.YOGA(9642)