Education is the Great Equalizer.

Earth 2012: South Africa
A new school opens and there are a limited amount of seats available. Over 80,000 people are camping outside the gates. Registration opens. Human beings are trampled and killed as the mob pushes forward to register. The people are literally dying to learn.

Long awaited and much needed freedom in education is becoming available to us at the WEU (“We-You”) World Education University “We built it for you”

“I believe education should be free to anyone, anytime, anywhere.” WEU Founder Curtis Pickering

Coachella Valley local Curtis Pickering introduces the world’s first FREE online accredited university. WEU goals to improve the social and economic structural patterns that bridge education and careers by providing students with a high quality education. The WEU is providing new options in education to every reachable person on earth from Preschool –12th year, all the way through and into College Degrees. WEU prompts the students to become apart of a voluntary system of good will. Students must agree to plan and take action to do something positive for their community in exchange for free education.

There is currently over 1 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Pickering hopes to expose the preditorial policies of current universities and online educators who charge obscene amounts of money to the individual student. In most cases these monies can only be paid by Pell grants and student loans, both of which are easy to obtain and many must be paid back on a constricting schedule and is exempt from bankruptcy protection.

“The student falls in and is trapped by a grant that does not subsidize the costs of living… Most students get a side job to cover the costs and their learning capacity suffers.” Pickering states, “This leads to high dropout rates and the vicious cycle of debt continues. By releasing the students from the state of debt they become capable to work and learn at their own pace and still maintain the ability to be a good consumer.”

The advertisement platform that pays for the education has created a scalable and self -sustainable model where the courses can be self paced and proficiency based. Students can retake a test again and again until they are satisfied with the result and willing to move on. WEU is developing exciting and tangible additions to these already incredible educational options.

The WEU student admissions count is already pushing 5 digits. Whole countries have started to reach out to WEU for the possibility of free education.

To sign up for the WEU go to WWW.THEWEU.COM click STUDENT, ADMISSIONS and LOGIN where you can apply your info and enter CVWEEKLY/SELMA in the comment box. This will enroll you into the “pay it forward” program so you can claim your free education. Once you have submitted your admissions information you will receive an email from WEU cofounder, Scott Hines informing you that your submission has been received.

Look forward to WEU developmental reports in the Coachella Valley Weekly! Support and Education for Local Music and Arts, Coachella Valley Chapter 1 www.selmagrows.org