3rd Annual Veterans Pancake Breakfast @ Veterans Memorial Park, Coachella
Saturday, November 8th, 9am- 12pm

By Lisa Morgan

It was almost as if Retired Marine Staff Sergeant, Trino del Toro, knew his time was coming to an end. He had been the man behind the rebuilding of the park in Coachella now known as Veterans Memorial Park, and he talked of doing more to honor his fellow veterans. But on September 4th, three years ago, cancer took him suddenly. It was then that his family began to fulfill his unfinished plans, and initiated the First Annual Veterans Pancake Breakfast.

“He always wanted to do something special for the veterans, and we’re continuing his efforts,” shared Staff Sergeant Del Toro’s son, Fabian. “We want to say a big thank you that is long overdue, as a family and a community, to those who have sacrificed so much. That includes the wives, kids, brothers and sister and moms and dads of our military men and women.”

Any proceeds from the breakfast stocked with fluffy pancakes, bacon, potatoes, fruit salad, pastries, coffee, orange juice and all the trimmings, will go toward the City’s plans to renovate the park that Del Toro built. A DJ will be on hand playing patriotic music, and a special guest will sing the National Anthem. But perhaps the most touching moment will be when, as he does each year, Fabian reads poetry that his father wrote during two tours in Vietnam:

“I will be reading this poem by my father for our 3rd Annual breakfast,” shared Fabian.
Time has flown, old I’ve grown,
So many years have passed.
Is now the time, I can forget,
The war I fought, at last?

I often thought, with dreams forgot.
And, by shedding no more tears,
I could cleanse my mind of horrid times,
And, cleanse it of my fears.

But my soldier friends, I recall one and all.
And recall the war we fought so far away.
I recall, yes I do recall!
As if it was only yesterday.

One would think, time would shrink.
My memories, and like me, they’d grow old.
But now I see, it’s not to be.
Time cannot erase, what was burned into my soul!

Fabian’s brother, Albert, is also a veteran having served 4 tours in Iraq. He, Fabian, their youngest brother, Trino Junior, and their mother, Susie C. Del Toro, invite you to join them Saturday, November 8th, from 9:00am – 12:00pm, for the 3rd Annual Veterans Pancake Breakfast at the Veterans Memorial Park in Coachella. “We will be honoring veterans past and present. If you are a veteran, related to a veteran, or know a veteran, please help honor those individuals by attending. We are asking the families of veterans to bring a picture or video of their veteran coming back home from their tour of duty for display at this event. Thank you and we hope to see everybody there.”

The park is located on 4th Street, between Orchard Street and Vine Avenue in the city of Coachella. You may contact Susie Del Toro at (760) 567-0706 with any questions regarding the event.