By Robin E. Simmons

This week I had an opportunity to check out the new “D-Box” motion activated seats at the newly remodeled Mary Pickford Theater operated by D’Place Entertainment.

For me, this added technology is more than a mere gimmick.  But a legitimate addition to the ritual pleasure of going to the movies!

Each D-Box seat is motorized to create the effect of movement, which is precisely timed with the images and the sound track (not the music score).  The chair will vibrate, jolt, shake and give added physical sensation to the movie experience.

Moviegoers can personally adjust the intensity of the motion.  The new D-Box chairs are also power recliners providing a laid back contour.

Mary Pickford’s D-Box theater is the only venue of its kind in the entire Coachella Valley and wider Inland Empire.  The remodeled D-Box theater feels like a private screening room with its wide aisles and ultra comfortable seating.

More and more film companies and studios are producing films that incorporate D-Box technology that enhances the movie-going experience.  Now, explosions, gun battles, car chases, fights and more put the viewer in the action with a potent visceral assist that adds another layer to the movie fun.

D’Place Entertainment changes D-Box configured titles weekly.  So, if you want the enhanced motion effect, be sure to catch each new release its first week out.

Opening Friday is the highly anticipated Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which is a perfect fit for the D-Box motion technology.  Now you can go on the run with Reacher (Tom Cruise) as he stages a prison break and uncovers the truth behind a major government conspiracy.

This franchise is exactly the kind of movie that’s specifically designed to take full advantage of the D-Box technology.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy a big Hollywood action film that lets you literally feel the unfolding action on screen.

D-Box reservations can be made online at D’Place Entertainment’s website or at the box office.  In addition to the base ticket price, there’s an upcharge for the D-Box experience.  When a D-Box ticket is purchased, the seat is reserved and the theater activates the chair.

If you love movies, go to the Mary Pickford Theater and see for yourself how serious they are about delivering the best movie viewing experience in the Coachella Valley.

D’Place Entertainment is in the process of completing a $2 million floor-to-ceiling renovation.  All 14 auditoriums will have high-end seating.

Also, I love the café and bar.  It serves a wide variety of beer and wine and has an actual menu featuring freshly made food.

As the CV Weekly movie reviewer, it’s a pleasure to go to such a comfortable theater with so many thoughtful amenities.

Take a friend or date, see a D-Box movie, have a “George Clooney” Panini, sip a Modelo, snack on home made ice cream and kettle corn.  Going to the movies has to be one of the great American pleasures.  Now it’s even better.  Take a break from the endless dismal political news and enjoy some real quality entertainment.