By Sunny Simon

I hung up the phone wondering what I was going to do with all those Girl Scout Cookies. The early morning call boldly interrupted my sleep. Apparently my seven year old niece, Alina, who lives in Michigan, had no concept of time zones. With barely a hello she launched into how Cranberry Citrus Crisps will be my new favorite cookie of all time. Then she triumphantly crowed this new addition to the Girl Scout cookie program has 9 grams of whole grain and ended by asserting that I should purchase a dozen boxes. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I reminded my niece that she was not a Girl Scout or even a Brownie for that matter. I also informed her I had omitted sugar from my diet.

Ignoring my push-back, Alina began spinning a web of charm around me so tightly I could find no wiggle room. Before we terminated the conversation I consented to buying a dozen of the cranberry cookies and seven boxes of Rah-Rah Raisins which Alina claimed made a perfect breakfast because they contained oatmeal and yogurt.  As we hung up she told me how much she loved me and then promptly reminded me to add money to cover the shipping charges.

How did a seven year old sell me something I did not need or even want for that matter? I’ll tell you how. Apparently Alina was helping her best friend Madison with sales because Maddie, as she called her, “has no sweet aunties to buy her cookies,” and concluded by reminding me that I taught her  “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” Don’t you just hate it when your words come back to haunt you?

Yes, the friend in need thing got me. I had to support this seven year old sales super star in her effort to be a friend who had Maddie’s back. If there was one characteristic I wanted my niece to develop throughout her formative years, it was forging strong relationships and being a blessing to others.


Alina’s actions always have a profound effect on me. She has a way of making me want to be a better “sweet auntie.” I decided I needed to check in on myself to make certain I was being “a friend indeed” something we should all keep in mind. And by the way, if you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to stop in for coffee and some Cranberry Citrus Crisps. I guarantee they will become your new favorite cookie of all time.

Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at