By Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

A very strong performance took place last Saturday by Rick Braun, Michael Paulo and Josh Vietti at the Grooves at the Westin Jazz series in Rancho Mirage. Braun played his originals, remakes from days gone past and a few tunes from his new album Around the Horn.  Saxophonist Michael Paulo played equally strong on stage with his saxophone adding to the show.

I have to be honest, when I heard of a young man named Josh Vietti would be joining the show with a violin, I was a little skeptical as I’m more of a rock n roll or jazz music fan and didn’t see where a violin would fit in the show. But I was blown away as Josh nailed it with a unique style all of his own that kept the guests up and moving. We’ll be hearing more of Josh in years to come!

Just as strong as the performers is the ambiance at the Westin and the staff who works there. From checking in for tickets, to grabbing a glass of wine and bite to eat, they are a class act on their own. Thank you Westin for your hospitality! There’s one more concert left with Peter White, along with Michael Paulo and Gregg Karukas, who will be performing on April 1st. You don’t want to miss it as it’s one of the best shows in the Coachella Valley.


Speaking of the CV, Tracy Dietlin – I tell you often “I love you” because of how great you are to me and so many others – we ALL thank you for all you do in so many ways. I love, live and breathe firefighting and love spreading the word of safety to the Coachella Valley Weekly readers. However, allowing me to cover these music venues is such a treat and a great reprieve of what I do, especially with the fire season ahead of us. So again, thank you Tracy, I love you… You Rock!

See you April 1st!

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