By Jill Coleman RN

There are a lot of deodorants and anti-antiperspirants out there today. Some are not harmful to the body, others can be.
Deodorants are more benign and easier to find ‘healthy’ alternatives because deodorants do not stop perspiration. They only deodorize. So find ones that have natural scents and chemical free if you can.

The bad ones, which are the antiperspirants, (Anti- against, perspire- to sweat), are the ones that actually stop sweating, and can be harmful.

The way antiperspirants do this is with a form of aluminum, usually aluminum chlorhydrate. Simply put, aluminum destroys the protective coating around the nerve endings which sense heat so your body can cool off. The aluminum is absorbed through the skin the nerve endings are destroyed so your body can no longer perspire.

After a few hours the body re-absorbs the aluminum and the protective coating is rebuilt. Now the body can perspire and regulate heat again.

But, the aluminum stays in your system and usually settles in organs or nerve tissue if the body continues to get exposed to it. If it settles in your brain, Alzheimer’s disease can result. Aluminum can inhibit calcium absorption and lead to bone density loss. Anemia, impaired intellect and digestive problems are just a few side effects of aluminum toxicity.

I would not recommend this to anyone. That is why there are no truly healthy Antiperspirants.

I recommend natural deodorants from companies like ‘Alvera’, or ‘Free Life’.

Perspiring is also one way the body gets rid of toxins. As long as we are clean and do not have toxins coming out, sweat should not have an odor.

The body’s cooling mechanisms are a natural thing that keeps us from overheating. In this society however, many seem to be embarrassed of some of our body’s natural functions, (like sweating, or breast feeding in public).

The more truth we have, the more we can make sound purchasing decisions.


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Jill Coleman RN