Dear Jenny,

I know that most people write in and ask you questions about relationships. But I have to share with you that I am so sick and tired of relationships! I am a great girl and I have a lot to offer someone. And I think I’m a very loving person, if I do say so myself. Although, it seems that I always end up with these guys, really Great guys. They always seem to break up with me when we are only a few months into the relationship. It also seems that they break up for the same reason; at least they all give me the same reason. They tell me it is not me it is them. They say that even though they really care for me as a friend they cannot see themselves with me forever.  And this is the kicker, they tell me that I’m a spectacular, amazing person and I will make somebody very very happy! I deserve the best! At least that is what they say.

But what if I don’t want anyone else? What if I want him? It is just not fair. It is not fair that this always happens to me. I am tired of being a loser and I am tired of ending up alone! Am I ever going to find the right one? Am I ever going to find a man who really appreciates me? Stuff like this always happens to me. It is just not fair.

See ya, Loren

Hi Loren,

Wow, I can almost hear the frustration in your voice as I was reading the question. So sorry that your past experiences have jaded your views of relationships. I am very glad that you have had the experiences with relationships that you have had because we always learn from the past. Or at least we should, if we do not learn, the past just keeps on repeating it self until we do.  Did you get that Lauren? If we do not learn from the past the past will keep repeating itself until we do learn. You stated that all of your relationships end up the same way, you always get hurt in the end. What is common in all of these relationships?  The only thing they have in common is you. So let’s talk about you for a bit.        

You enter into these relationships so excited with very high expectations, like maybe this could be the one? But you also enter into these relationships knowing that it will end the same way the others have, no matter what you do. Deep down inside you are sick and tired of trying to make these relationships work.  And you are tired of being alone and you do not think you deserve what is happening to you.

When is it finally going to work out for you? Is this what you ask yourself? Do you feel that you are so tired of putting your best foot forward, trying to make things work out in your romantic relationships and they never do? I have a question for your Loren, why is it so difficult for you to be alone?

Maybe it is time for you to focus on your relationship that you are having with you.  For some reason you are seeking outside relationships to feel a certain way about yourself. When you learn to love yourself and love being alone with you, you will find a romantic partner who wants the same things.  You see, the most important relationship that you can have is your relationship with yourself.  When that is achieved you will only attract positive relationships. And the best part is, you will not have to look, they will all come to you, all because of your relationship with yourself. That’s where it begins and ends.

– ❤Namaste, Jenny

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