By Rich Henrich

AMFM FEST: art, music, film and more sponsored by Cathedral City Nov. 13-16th will feature Santa Fe artist Grant Kosh. I spoke with Grant about his work, his aspirations and how he started creating art.

CV WEEKLY: How did you start doing art?

Grant Kosh: It all started in school. Our teacher would draw on the board and we would copy it. I’d go home and draw pictures from magazines and try to copy what I saw. When I was 13, my mom brought home a magazine on airbrushing. I ended up taking a couple classes in Orange County and Jurek Zamoyski was there teaching. He’s the one who painted a lot of Bob Marley T-shirts. Then I put it down in high school. I was more into sports and theatre but I kept drawing.

CVW: When did you pick up art again?

Grant Kosh: In college at UH (University of Hawaii), I started painting more Bob Marley’s for friends. It was just for fun.

CVW: When did you decide to get serious about art?

Grant Kosh: 2006-2007, I was graduating from College of Santa Fe. I wanted to work in film and couldn’t get in. So, I started doing my art.

CVW: How do you start your paintings?

Grant Kosh: The references I chose are not the average tabloid weekly or very polished. I like wrinkles, emotion and dramatic lighting. I like something off the mainstream smile. More raw and rough detailed. I used to print out photos and whatever the resolution was I went with it. Now with technology, I am looking at finite detail. I start with a photo and put the bones on canvas and then I make it more of my own really looking at the emotion in the picture.

CVW: Your latest work, the Hunter S. Thompson piece seems to reflect this.

Grant Kosh: It was a commission piece. When my client finally settled on the image, I knew he’d appreciate the detail. It is on Masonite board rather than canvas. It’s like automotive painting, It helps a lot to have smooth surfaces.

CVW: What do you want people to take away from your work?

Grant Kosh: I want people to be surprised. The other day I was painting a mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This guy came by and wanted to get closer to it and then dropped down to his knees. He started praying! I always wanted to help people with my art and never knew how it would manifest.

CVW: What is life like as an artist?

Grant Kosh: I’m always going to be an artist. It’s a great life. I’m not looking to get rich just enjoy my passion.

CVW: Thanks, Grant.

Grant Kosh: No, thank you! This is great. I really appreciate it.

Grant Kosh’s art will be exhibited at the Mary Pickford Theatre Nov. 13-16th during AMFM Fest. For more information on Grant, please go to or