By Lisa Morgan

This year, Howard’s Back Door Gallery has devoted his gallery and framing studio to showcasing the best of professional artists residing right here in our beautiful Coachella Valley. December 7th – 30th, this gracious host will be exhibiting a group of several professional, local artists and members of the Artist Council at Palm Springs Art Museum coined collectively as Artists One Eleven. The exhibition opens with two consecutive evenings of receptions to which the public is invited: December 7th from 6-8 pm and December 8th from 4-6 pm at Howard’s Back Door Gallery located at 71418 Highway 111, in Rancho Mirage.

Artist One Eleven members featured in the “Wax, Pixels and Paint” exhibition is a phenomenal collection of tenured expressionists. Charlene Helfend Lane chooses oil or acrylic paint to help her create the expressive, individual appearance of her figurative and abstract subjects. Pat Kodet works with pixels and paint, using collage from her digital images in her acrylic painting, blending abstract with a hint of portraiture. Sylvia Torres works in encaustic where the pigment is in a wax/resin base and mixed media, adds paper fragments, emotional mark-making and painted layers, revealing and concealing abstract visions. Meg Walling works in acrylic paint and incorporates hand-printed papers in her figurative paintings that are rich in narrative content.
These talented members of Artists One Eleven have been exhibited widely through solo shows as well as group exhibitions. Most currently, their works have been displayed at the Palm Spring Art Museum’s annual Artist Council Exhibition which will continue to be shown through December 9th.

These artists and art educators have received notable awards of excellence, with their works in permanent collections of museums, as well as on the sets of numerous television studios. Their collective work varies from the classical to the abstract, from figures revealing relationships and personality, to photography of non-representational beauty. Their work pushes the limits of their respective mediums, both in content and in methodology


This exhibition of select pieces, range in size and price, with many being small and especially affordable for holiday gift-giving. For additional information please contact Sylvia Torres at 805-236-2020 or visit www.artists111 for links to individual artist web sites.

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