As we look back on 2012, we are proud to share with you that in less than 90 days, seven new businesses have launched from ShareKitchen with many more in the queue.
As a kitchen incubator, ShareKitchen helps people test and develop their food-related concepts. One example of a ShareKitchen Client Member who we are currently working with is Laurence Grenet and her one-of-a-kind protein-rich, fat-free and sugar-free bread pudding tortes.
Part of being a shared kitchen is to serve as a test kitchen where anyone can test their idea for a restaurant, operate a catering business or turn their food concept into a business. What makes ShareKitchen so special to these emerging entrepreneurs is that they can develop these ideas and businesses without the financial risk typically associated with such ventures.
We are also an educational hub for the restaurant and food industry in the Coachella Valley by providing training such as the ServSafe Manager Certificate, workshops with the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center on business building and free one-on-one consulting services with our team of top professionals in the food business.
As we enter 2013, we will be working increasingly at the distribution of the products created by local entrepreneurs. This includes Dan Webster and Big Dan’s BBQ Sauce and his unique and flavorful barbecue sauce that is currently in limited release at Albertson’s and Kitchen Kitchen as well as James Rosen and his addictive, bite-sized Biscotti that will soon be sold at select stores throughout the Coachella Valley.
As our name suggests, ShareKitchen is a shared kitchen facility that serves as a legal home for businesses to prepare food such as top caterer Chad Gardner of Dash and a Handful Catering and Lisa Provenza-Bebar of The Cookie Boutique.
To learn more about our programs or if you are interested in volunteer positions, visit or call us at 760.459.4259.

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