By Jenny Wallis

Hi, my name is Jenny Wallis and I have had my fair share of relationships, and through each one have learned more and more about myself.  I have learned the sacrifices one must make to have a successful relationship, but have also learned the sacrifices that one shouldn’t make for a successful relationship.

I will guide you through the idea that one must be content with his or her own life in order to grow alongside another person; a person must be happy with him or herself before bringing another person into their life. Not everyone feels worthy of a loving relationship, some of us have blocks and many of us hold onto old stories or old emotions that no longer serve us… I can help you to release these negative beliefs, while at the same time offer advice on both loving yourself and others.

This is a relationship advice column and by choosing to read what questions and answers I have to offer, you will notice your relationships becoming more harmonious… But aren’t all relationships, first and foremost, about the relationship we have with ourselves? One must be able to bring harmony into their own relationship with themselves before creating harmony with another.

This column is for people who have a question about their personal relationships, romantic or otherwise.  It’s also for people who might have a question about themselves and why they seem to be attracting certain types of relationships.

I’m excited to say, Ask Jenny Now will be an addition to the CV Weekly.  Should you ever have a question or a concern you might need assistance with, please don’t hesitate to write in or call. I look forward to hearing from you.

Below is an excerpt from an Ask Jenny Now question:

   Dear Jenny,
My boyfriend and I were together for 2 years, but have broken up. It has been a few months and I can’t get him out of my mind. I think about him constantly and everything reminds me of him. I have decided that he is that perfect guy for me and I want him back, 100%. Where should I start in winning him back?

Don’t forget to tune in to find out how this turns out!

Jenny Wallis is a Relationship Guru and owner of Ask Jenny Now.
You can reach her at 760-505-0952