By Noe Gutierrez

BB Ingle has brought the desert some of the biggest and best celebrations for over 35 years! He continues to do so, as is evident with his 2019 Coachella Valley Music Award nomination for ‘Best Event Promoter’. You can watch him host his self-produced and self-directed Facebook Live ‘BB TV’ feeds or catch him at every Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce event pushing the next event, advocating for charitable endeavors or supporting fellow small business owners. It’s this undying passion for patronage and parties that Coachella Valley Weekly is proud to present the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to BB Ingle.

Coachella Valley Weekly spoke with BB to share his feelings on the award.

CVW: What were your initial thoughts and feelings when you were notified that you would be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award?

BB: “When Tracy called to tell me I was going to receive this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award I felt both humbled and honored. It was unexpected. My initial reaction was, am I that old? Aren’t lifetime achievement awards for people at the tail-end of their careers. I feel like I am just getting warmed up when it comes to producing events.”

CVW: You’ve had a significant career in developing, planning and executing social events for over 35 years. What do you contemplate as you consider your career thus far?

BB: “When you receive an award like this it makes you reflect back on your career, the fond memories of the fun times and all the people’s lives you touched and were touched by, but you also remember all the challenges you faced. When I first started hosting the parties 35 years ago there was no internet, no cell phones, no social media. I would start a few weeks before a party and spend about eight hours a day just calling everybody from a list I had from business cards and numbers written down from everyone I had met, plus hand out flyers around town, flyers made by ‘copy and paste’ the old fashion way. It was a more personal way to invite people in those days. Then, of course after Facebook and social media came along the attendance at the parties exploded.”

CVW: What initially led you to throw some of the most memorable events the Coachella Valley has ever experienced?

BB: “When people ask me why I got in the party business to begin with, I have to admit it was mainly to meet ladies. I figured it was a good opening and non-threatening line, ‘Would you like to come to a big party?’ seemed to work pretty well. Then over the years the parties developed into a business, a fun business at that! I have always had, from a young age, a passion for creating situations where people have fun and celebrate life!”

CVW: Can you tell us one thing that has motivated you to keep the BB wheels turning?

BB: “One thing that has really inspired me to keep coming back year after year to produce the parties is all the couples out there that have met at one of the parties, fell in love, got married and had children. There have been well over a hundred. To know that something you created touched another’s life like that makes it all worthwhile.”

CVW: What do you believe has been the essential quality you carry as the most beneficial in achieving success?

BB: “When someone asks me what trait a good promoter needs, I answer with what I feel you need to be successful with any endeavor in life, be passionate. You cannot be successful at anything unless you are passionate about it. Second, care for others, you can never be truly successful by yourself. Third, attitude. Be positive, don’t look at the ‘why not’ or ‘I can’t’…but always look into HOW can I make it happen and find a way to do it. But, specifically to the party business, the most important strategy is the importance of networking. Make as many connections and develop as many relationships as you possibly can.”

CVW: My inkling is you’re not close to done being the desert’s premiere promoter. What do you have planned for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

BB: “We have more fun events planned for this upcoming year. This year will be the 35th Annual Halloween Bash and we are in negotiations now to host it at a new exciting venue to be announced soon. And we are really excited about this year’s 36th Annual New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball that is going to be held at the new Hotel Indigo, a spectacular Las Vegas-style resort opening in Coachella.”

CVW: What would you like to share with your past, present and future party guests?

BB: “I want to extend a special thanks to all those of you out there that have supported the parties over the years. For encouraging me and allowing be to live my dream and to be your go-to party guy!”