By: Bronwyn Ison

Are you thinking of your New Year resolutions? If not, perhaps it’s time to compose your list and check it twice. New Year’s resolutions are professed each year. Do you really follow through with them? If not, how can you remain on track? Are you being realistic about your goals? What is your track record in sustaining your resolutions?

Begin by making a list. Simplify and be realistic about your goals. Setting high expectations may lead to disappointment and result to giving up on your self. If your goal is to exercise more or commence an exercise regimen, select a buddy as an accountability partner. Exercising is fun and can be more rewarding with a friend. Encouraging one another and setting goals together will be productive. Make a plan and hold to the goals you have set. Once the goal is achieved you will realize it was easier than you thought.

Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions according to
Do you find yourself setting some of the same goals?


1. Spend More Time with Family and Friends. Spending time with your loved ones is important to lasting relationships, building trust and camaraderie, and making memories. Take in a movie with a friend or meet with your mother coffee.
2. Get fit! Exercising is a way of life for many. Why not you? Getting in shape is vital to your overall health. You could add years to your life by exercising regularly. Add a workout routine to your life. Plus, it relieves stress.
3. Control Eating Habits. Recent studies show that 66% of American adults are overweight. Obesity in our country continues to rise out of control. Tame the bulge and get control of your eating habits.
4. Quit Smoking. Stomp out the habit. Realize your considering quitting because you realize it is an unhealthy lifestyle. Many over the counter nicotine replacement therapies are available.
5. Enjoy Life More. Life is hectic and for many this is a new resolution. The day-to-day stresses are leading people to take up a new sport or hobby. Try something new. Yoga is an incredible stress reliever. Plus, it is considered to many an exercise, establishes discipline, awareness, and stimulates your mind and soul.
6. Quit Drinking. While many use a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking, most people are not fully equipped to go cold turkey. Alcohol Anonymous can help.
7. Get Out of Debt. There are millions of Americans who are stressed by their finances. Make a plan to get out of debt. Meet with a financial consultant or ask a savvy friend to help you devise a plan.
8. Learn Something New. Possibly you are considering a career change, want to learn a language, or read more books.
9. Help Others. Reach out in our community. There are hundreds of charities to get involved with in the Coachella Valley. Select a charity that resonates with your heart and you will be much more engaged.
10. Get Organized. Fortunately this can be a reasonable goal. Whether it is your home, your office, closet, or garage. Set time aside. Even if it takes all morning, all day, weeks. Make a plan of attack. You will feel less stressed by clearing the clutter.
May your New Year’s resolutions bring you much satisfaction in 2013. Best wishes on your endeavors. Never give up because you can do it!

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