By Angela Romeo

One look at Dre Naylor and you know you are about to encounter one dynamic individual: A striking woman with pink hair, a silver bullring, and a smile that radiates the truth of conviction that is Dre.

Dre is Palm Springs born and raised. She was surrounded by the colors of the desert and realized something about her self – she loves color! “I love color and light! Photography is one way that I can capture that love. I am self-taught in photography and I think that lets me forget about ‘rules’ and just focus on what I see.”

Dre’s work, from commercial to sensual, carries a distinct mark. It is features strong images in an unexpected scene. Like Dre herself, the work does not follow a trend or pattern. Her work has a sophisticated rawness. “When I work for a client, I do have to understand what they want me to capture. But they have hired me because I have a definite point of view. With that understanding I can give the client the best interpretation of their desire but keep the edge that I am known for.”


“I got into photography almost by mistake. I enjoyed taking photos – point and shoot to capture what I saw. I took photos of landscapes, of people- really anything that I found to interesting. A friend saw my work and encouraged me to take it further. I began shooting at ARTBar. That was a monthly event at Bar. It was a gathering of artists that made my job more interesting. As I developed my style and confidence, I began to work at other venues and events. I shot for Palm Springs Life, for Gay Pride, for weddings and for other commercial businesses. I have photographed celebrities, local and internationally known. My work has given me great opportunities and allowed me to be true to myself. I am a strong woman with strong ideas. I am not a wall flower and my work is a reflection of that boldness.”

“I do photograph people. A headshot may be necessary but there are so many other ways to capture a person’s image. I look for that other way because I want to capture more than a face.”

Dre has developed her own take on the boudoir photo. “Beauty is more than the silicone perfection. We are all beautiful when we are ourselves. I find that type of beauty is truth. I have photographed women whom society would not see as model perfect. These women have character borne from living; Tattoos, piercings, crazy wild colored hair. No hair. It doesn’t matter. I shoot these people to highlight that uniqueness.”

“I often shoot these photos outdoors. The desert has its own personality. When my model and the landscape become one, the photo is more than just a picture. I love that my models and clients are as fearless as I.”

“I am blessed that photography allows me flexibility. My husband, Evan, is a tattoo artist. Together we are free to wander. New adventures are exciting and we are looking at the next chapter. We have lived our lives in the desert and are anxious to see what lies beyond the Coachella Valley. We plan to see what the Bay area has to offer. Adventure? Success? Boredom? We don’t know but we plan to find out.”

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