By Denise Ortuno

Luscious sweets, and savory treats are yours to enjoy at the quaint and cozy, La Petite Café & Patisserie in Old Town La Quinta.

There’s something very European about Old Town La Quinta, with its narrow brick accented streets, and Spanish style architecture, the shopping plaza oozes old world charm. Now, the adorable Coachella Valley nook has yet another superb spot to up its engaging draw with La Petite Café & Patisserie.

La Petite is new on the scene in Old Town La Quinta, opening only six months ago by Nancy and Sebastian Prieto. But in those months, La Petite has quickly become a La Quinta Cove favorite for coffee concoctions, decadent treats and a whole lot more. Shade providing umbrellas will greet you as you pass their sidewalk patio upon entering the café. Inside, the aroma of smooth organic coffee fills the air. Intimate seating borders a counter and display case with an array of delightful pastries eager to be chosen such as colorful Macarons, Petit Fours, Belgian Chocolates, Profiteroles, Quiches, among others.

On my visit to La Petite, I met a friend for coffee and a chat. I ordered my usual coffee drink that I try out at places to see who makes it the best, a Decaf Mocha latte. On this particular day because it was a bit hot outside, I had the iced version. Along with my Mocha, I scanned the pastry case and counter in search of a croissant, and there it was, a beautiful chocolate one waiting for me. I nabbed it and the friendly server behind the counter asked me if I wanted it heated, “Why yes please, that would be lovely,” I responded, because heated chocolate anything is most of the time a good thing. My Iced Mocha came with fluffy whipped cream, and as someone who has tried Mocha’s around the CV, this one ranked super high….rich and creamy, and definitely decaf (thank you!). The heated Chocolaty Croissant soon followed, and I was is chocolate heaven. The in house made croissant was lovingly layered with leaves of croissant dough, light and airy, circling its chocolate core. 

Besides their sweet temptations, La Petite also offers breakfast and lunch items including sandwiches, salads and incredible crepes! All prepared fresh with the La Petite flare. Watch as your crepe is made in front of your eyes, and finished off with a selection of fillings.

La Petite Café & Patisserie is a charming addition to Old Town La Quinta, for a little taste of Europe in the Coachella Valley.

La Petite Café & Patisserie is located at 78-010 Main St. Suite 110, La Quinta, 92253