CV Weekly: How did you get into the cannabis industry?

Kam: It began when I was 21 and struggling to find something to treat my chronic pain. My aunt, a cancer patient, gave me some of her flower which did wonders for me. Then I worked in 215 delivery for 10 years, also trimming, growing, making my own topicals/tinctures etc. After recreational, I helped to open up a micro business and finished there as a Shift manager/Events coordinator.

CVW: Can you tell me more about the company you work for and the products you carry?

Kam: I work for a distribution, Bird Valley Organics. We represent three other brands; Coastal Sun Farm, Santa Cruz Canna Farms and Creme De Canna. Each brand is unique, providing us with a variety of Santa Cruz cannabis that lives up to its reputation.


CVW: Can you tell me more about the cultivation of your products?

Kam: BVO provides full spectrum cannabis oil that is Envirocann certified organic. It is Edible, topical and dabable. There are four varieties; Indica CBD, Sativa CBD, Pain Relief 1:2 and High CBD.

Our FSO comes from our Envirocann Organic certified farm in Hugel Kultur mounds that will continue to increase our yield over time while protecting the integrity of the soil and promoting healthy plants that are extremely healing.

Santa Cruz Canna Farms is right on the Pacific coast in Watsonville, CA. The team is led by Steve Weisser and master breeder Steve Sallyer. Bioponic greenhouses are cooled by steam pipes throughout. The Craft cannabis is estate grown, with high levels of terpenes and even signature bred strains.

Creme De Canna is premium flower and concentrates. The Creme team is extremely dedicated to producing the highest quality flower and concentrates available. The extraction team is constantly brainstorming and upgrading as the business expands.

Coastal Sun grows bioponic Envirocan Certified organic cannabis with a passion for cultivating healthy plants that heal humans. They achieve the most terpene and phytonutrient rich cannabis in the market and love to share it. Keep an eye out for our patient appreciation days!

This is a passionate group of people who are like family. Each person shines in their position and supports the group as a whole. The Santa Cruz cannabis community is redefining agriculture and overcoming cannabis stigma with education and a respect for the earth.

CVW: Where is your product cultivated?

Kam: Watsonville, CA in Santa Cruz county, CA

CVW: Where can readers find your products?

Kam: Many desert dispensaries. Easily find your closest location at

CVW: Do you have upcoming customer appreciation events happening this week?

Kam: Yes, come see me at the Lighthouse Palm Desert Nov. 7th 3-5pm, Or Nov 9th in the morning 11am-1pm at Iguana Collective in Cathedral City.

CVW: Can readers follow your brands on social media? Where?

Kam: Find us on FB/SNAP/IG: @birdvalleyorganics @coastalsunfarm @santacruzcannafarms