@ Plan B Live Entertainment and Cocktails

By Lisa Morgan

It’s been almost a year now since two players from the band Two Drink Minimum joined forces with bass player, Greg Cabral (also with Ornament) to begin their all original, eclectic rock and roll experiment. From the sound of things, the miles are paying off. With new releases showing a collaboration that is truly dialing in on a signature that is all their own, this very special combination of talents is paving a way that has nothing short of huge potential.

Blare the Surface, also known as BtS, will be unveiling their newest collection of songs at Plan B Live Entertainment and Cocktails in Thousand Palms, this Saturday night. The band consists of front man, Brannon McNeel, who goes by “Brando”, on vocals and guitar, Brad Fleener on drums, and Greg Cabral on bass. When I first heard this band at the Red Barn, the three piece team delivered strong, original, 70’s psychedelic style rock infused with lush melodic lines and strong lyrics as if they’d been doing this together for years. I was shocked to find out that the soulful lead singer and guitar player was just beginning to get used to the roll of playing lead electric guitar while singing. It didn’t show in his playing or his vocal delivery. Instead, there was nothing but fluidity and an inspiring oneness between the singer, the player and the song not to mention the tight rhythm section.

“November of next month, we’ll be coming up on a year since we first started playing together. We’ve definitely switched gears a little bit,” says Cabral of how the group has grown over the year. “Many of the songs have taken on more textures and have even more grit to them. They’re more aggressive, and that fits really well with the lyrics. Right now we’re really just beginning to break through the crust that surrounds the cream of our sound. It’s been really cool.”

I asked Brando how he felt about the bands newest uploads and progression. “We have a lot of other new tracks that aren’t uploaded that we’ll be playing at the show. It’s definitely experimental with a lot of different influences. We’ve been stepping away from the comfort zone, taking on a lot of new rhythms and melodies. There have been a lot of boundaries that had to be broken, especially since I only started playing guitar seriously two years ago. It took a while for me to get comfortable playing and singing and working the pedals. I definitely have to think while I’m playing; it’s not second nature yet. I’m always pushed to do something different…pushing past the boundaries drives me. Like any artist, I’m never really satisfied anyway. You always have new ideas and attempt to make them come to life. I love the challenge and the thrill; constantly pushing forward to having it really mean something in the end.”

The immediate aspirations of the band are simple: Play weekly and get back into the studio to record their rapidly growing list of songs. “The tracks we have, we did ourselves,” says Brando. “I’d like to get back in and have someone besides us record and mix.” That may be the case, but the band did a great job producing four new songs and a video that can be found on their Reverbnation page. Check it out for yourself. If you like it, I highly recommend getting down to Plan B to hear the live version. You will NOT be disappointed.

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blared.thesurface
On Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/blarethesurfacemusic