By Lisa Morgan

Over 50 bands submitted for a shot at playing the largest and most enviable local stage, second only to our annual music festivals. This opportunity for passionate musicians is brought to us by world renowned music festival guru, Goldenvoice, along with partners P.S. Resorts, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, The Desert Sun, the City of Palm Springs and Harold Matzner.

Videos were submitted, social media campaigns were launched, and fans voted daily. The end result: 15 bands with the most votes were selected to battle it out on stage in front of judges who will determine whether they have “the stuff” to play at the block party that traditionally draws hundreds of fans. The finalists have been broken up into three groups to play three venues on three different dates. One winner from each of these shows will go on to play the coveted block party stage on April 15.

TACHEVAH, EAST VALLEY COMPETITION, Wednesday, January 28th, 6pm @ Date Shed, 50725 Monroe Street, Indio



“Alchemy is group of like-minded individuals who like to play pleasurably sweet-sounding, high energy music. We’ve been playing for a little over a year and recently we’ve had the fortunate pleasure of keeping busy and playing almost every weekend somewhere around the valley. We’re humbled by the response of our loyal fans and friends, and we like to thank them. It wouldn’t be possible without them. We are currently in the process of recording our full length album, and it’s almost finished. Those who want to keep hearing Alchemy should stick around, because it’s going to be awesome!” – Alchemy: Andrew Gonzalez on vocals, Erik Lopez on bass, Danny Gonzalez on guitar, Rogelio Chavez on keys, and Luis Monroy on drums. Listen to them at


“We just want let the people know that we are very humbled by this opportunity to potentially be one of the groups to represent for the Coachella Valley in the Tachevah Block Party. There are a lot of talented musicians out here, and we are thankful that our fans voted for us. We are also excited and take great pride in shining a light on the Coachella Valley hip-hop music scene. We feel that the hip-hop music scene gets over looked, and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, especially with the amount of talented artists we have here in the Valley. We look forward to doing our best to impress the judges with our eclectic sound and diverse on stage personas, and most importantly we look forward to giving the crowd an amazing show!” – Death Merchants are: Lootenant (Biloxi, MS), Chylite (Chicago, IL) & Nolan Lowlife (Indio, CA). They are currently located & work out of the COACHELLA VALLEY in Southern California. Their music can be found at


We are so Stoked to make it to the finals again! Last year, we were not all there, but this year, we are so ready. The gloves are off! Let’s get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLE! Expect a great performance by your humble servants.” – Elektric Lucie: Frontman, Viktor Estrada on guitars and vocals, Jorge “Bassman” Carrillo on bass and chorus, Hernan Hernandez on drums and percussion and Danny Sandoval on keys. Check them out at:, 


Founder and frontman, John Marek, found himself an overnight, YouTube, viral sensation after Dave Navarro tweeted his homemade video, saying, “This kid, John Marek, pretty much rules!” The video has had just shy of 1 million views. “Thank you to all the friends and fans who voted to get us this far,” Marek posted on Facebook, after learning his band made the top 15. “Your job is not quite done,” he pled. “Come to the Date Shed to get us into the finals. Make sure you bring all your friends, family, co-workers, anyone with two ears and a brain. Nobody is going to want miss the first five bands duke it out to play Tachevah.” Ideation is John Marek, lead vocals and guitar, Justin Wilkinson on drums, and Ari Hozman on bass. You can follow their music at See the viiral video “Back of My Head” at and their Tachevah submission, “Blanket of Hurt” at


Winners of Coachella Valley Music Awards Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artists , Thr3 Strykes has been regularly featured at shows throughout the Coachella Valley and Los Angeles, and are prominently selected to open for headliners at the Date Shed. Josh Hall, one of the power duo shared, “For years now, we’ve made it a point to encourage a frenzy and have a good time at the shows. Something like Tachevah is what we’re built for. A spectacle mixed with some fury. Major thanks to all that voted – we shall not disappoint.” – Thr3 Strykes is Josh Hall, Josh Fimbres, and “an assorted family of musicians and artists they call their squad. Follow their music at and

TACHEVAH MID-VALLEY COMPETITION, Wednesday, February 25th @ The Hood Bar and Pizza 74360 Hwy 111, Palm Desert


“We’d like to thank each and every single person who voted for us. It means the world how much support we receive when we are just four high school kids trying to reach our dreams. 1000x has been together for 6 months, although we’ve been best friends for years. We attend Ontario High School. Our dream is to play music our whole lives. Creating something that’s living and breathing in sound waves and can positively affect the lives of the people it reaches is truly remarkable to us. We are just four best friends putting our whole lives into something we believe in, and creating music that can impact others like the way music saved us.” Follow 1000x (pronounced One Thousand Times) at , ,, and


“About one year ago we decided to start out on our path, moved back to Hemet, started a record collective with a bunch of amazing bands and friends in Hemet. We, built our own recording studio, and we are currently recording our follow up to our fist full length ‘Lo-If Cocaine’. Our record collective/label is called GKISS records, and it is based on community and bands working and playing together to make the best art we possibly can. We are first and foremost music lovers and try our best to help each other make music, videos, and all of the sorts while having fun.”- Ryan Burian. Ryan and Jeffery Burian are Béisbol, a California-based Pop/Rock band that “wants to melt your face.” To follow Beisbol, go to or


The first country band to ever make it to the Tachevah finals, the 8 piece, rocking Americana band were the winners of the Coachella Valley Music Awards Best Country Band and featured on Pattie Daly Caruso’s “Valley Views”. They have opened for headliners such as Jason Charles Miller at the Whiskey A Go Go and Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds at the Moro Bay Harbor Festival. “Everyone in RBR has been doing music for a long time,” shared lead guitar player and songwriter, Michael Pedersen. “We know that in the big picture, this is just another step on the road to where we are going. However, today, we give this step our full, 100% focus. Today, Tachevah is the most important thing we can do.” Follow R Buckle Road and their music at , or


Caxton were the winners of the Coachella Valley Music Awards Best Overall Band, and are fronted by Best Female vocalist winner, Christina Reyes. “We are beyond stoked to have made the finals this year, and could not be more grateful for the votes,” shared Reyes. “We’re excited to be beside such talented bands and artists, and would love for people to come and root for us at the show in February. Winning would mean so much to us! We’ve been playing in the desert for a long time. We are writing a new album, and can’t wait to finish and debut it to our desert fan base.” You can follow Caxton and their music at , and on iTunes.


This band is rocking blend of reggae, dub, ska and pop. Their selection in the top 15 makes them the first band to represent the reggae genre. Mozaiq was unable to be reached for comment at the time of this article, but you can follow them at

TACHEVAH EAST-VALLEY COMPETITION, Wednesday, March 25th @ Bar 74360 Hwy 111, Palm Springs


“We are really excited to be in the Tachevah finals. Our passion is creating music, and nothing is greater than getting to perform that music to a live audience. Our fans tell us we have old souls, creating new music with roots in the great music of the past. I feel so blessed to have Randon Davitt & Matt Fyke as my band members and friends over the last two years. We have played 136 shows together all over the country. We have made so many amazing friends and played with many legends along the way. In September 2014 we released our debut album and are thrilled with the positive response it has gotten. Just last month it was voted 2014 Best Debut Album by Wasser Prawda magazine in Germany. We are currently in the studio recording our second album, and are excited to play a few of our new songs at Tachevah.”- Case Walker. For more information, current touring schedule and live videos, visit


Strangers You Know is a sonic collective out of Southern California, brought together by chance and kept together by similar musical interests. Despite this, it’s the differences in musical backgrounds of each individual that create the unique and diverse sounds of the band. From folk to electronic, the group has explored the likes of both polarities and everything in between. The band, which comprises Grady Lee (vocals, guitar), Adam Haagen (piano, guitar, vocals, banjo, mandolin), Dakota Dobbin (Drums), Sjors Van Alphen (bass), is currently finishing their second EP and gearing up for a west coast tour over the summer of 2014. The band has been part of Warped Tour and will be playing at the annual Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience, February 28th joining the bill with headlining acts, Slightly Stoopid, Ozomatli, Fishbone and more. Follow them on twitter @StrangersUknow, and . Their music is available now at (under our prior name Reprise) and at and and look. Also available on Spotify!


“We are just a band of ghosts driving meat colored skeletons made of stardust. We have been very fortunate to have so much support from friends and family. We could not have gotten this far without them.” – Little Red Spiders are Jesse Williams: Vocals, guitar, harmonica, and theremin, Nick Antonicelli: Guitar, Andrew Williams: Keys and saxophone, Nigel Dettelbach: Bass guitar, Nigel Carnahan: Drums, Hana Wexler & Brianna Dettelbach: Back-up vocals and percussion. Two of the members are from the popular band, Slipping Into Darkness who have played at Coachella in the past. Follow them at ,, on Twitter @Sourdoughrecords


“We are very excited to be a part of the Tachevah showcase,” shared band founder, Robbie Waldman. “I guess the third time’s the charm for us. All the bands participating are rad, and Wednesday, March 25th at Bar should be interesting. The Tachevah Block party is a wonderful event, and it’s so cool that underground desert bands get a chance to play on a big stage! WAXY has a new record coming out in April so the timing for us couldn’t be better. Check us out Saturday, January 31st at The Hood or Friday, February 20th with War Drum at The Purple Room. Thank you Golden Voice for your love of the arts and support of the local scene!” Follow Waxy at or


This talented band of Desert Hot Springs High School students were selected out of several entries, to open for Andy Grammer at Mix 100.5’s Acoustic Palooza held at the Hard Rock Hotel Grand Ballroom in Palm Springs. “We are beyond excited and grateful to the voters to have made the cut for Tachevah! It all started at our talent show here at the school. We covered a song so uniquely and well, that people wanted to download it and thought it wasn’t ours. From there, we’ve written a full EP. We hope to be considered for any record label, we are waiting to be produced, managed, toured!” Follow this band and their music at and

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