By Bronwyn Ison

Unhealthy individuals seek and prey upon others whom they know will not establish clear boundaries.  Exhausted may be an understatement as to how you feel most days.  You give and inch and the other person takes a mile.  However, they were able to take from you because you allowed yourself to accept their behavior.  At some point you must recognize you can only take so much.

In my past, (notice, I say past), I can recollect a few previous working and personal relationships which I experienced an exuberant amount of tension, stress, exhaustion and distrust.  When people, wholeheartedly commit themselves, you expect the same in return.  Isn’t that the way it supposed to work? You need to flee from relationships that are not mutually beneficial.  Take an assessment.  Consider how you feel when you are around someone?  Do you feel good with this person/people?  Or, do you feel drained, stressed, or as though you have taken a walk on eggshells. These severe warning signals indicate it is time to move on from the relationship.  When our boundaries are weak, unclear or not guarded, you may be allowing another persons junk to destroy your treasure.  Wouldn’t this be tragic?  Pull it together and come around to your center.

Imagine you have an anchor.  An anchor secures and grounds your ship.  If you decide not to release your anchor and establish grounding, consider it dead weight you are lugging around.  Do you feel the heaviness?  It feels debilitating and suffocating.  What I didn’t realize, I wasn’t establishing boundaries with the people in my life.  This included professionally as well.  When creating boundaries it is important to do so with kindness.  Set boundaries without being rude or overbearing. Check out the helpful list below.  Commence your day with one or all…

  • Say a prayer or affirmation
  • Meditate
  • Post a few positive affirmations on your mirror
  • Read a devotional or something that makes you happy

Recognize your daily habits.  Prior to exposing yourself to toxic situations consider an alternative.  If you know you are about to enter the dark zone, resist the temptation to pursue the situation or destination, take a few deep breaths and face your fears.  Once successfully achieved, like riding a bicycle, you’ll get right back on and start pedaling.

Always do what is best for you.  Nobody else is looking out for you but you. 

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.567.YOGA


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