By Jenny Wallis

Dear Jenny,

I have been dating, well, it seems like forever! I have been actively dating for over seven years. I just cannot seem to find a relationship that lasts more than six months.  Every time a relationship ends it always seems that it ends for the right reason, but I always wonder, why did I even waste my time with this person? It feels as though I have been hopelessly looking for my beloved, and I am not getting any closer than I was seven years ago. I have finally decided to start using the Internet as a tool to introduce me to some eligible women. Do you think you can find anyone worth while over the Internet? We have all heard about love stories that have taken place because of the Internet. But in all actuality, do you think this is a reliable source?

Thanks for your time,

– Seth


Dear Seth,

Thank you for asking this question. I speak to so many people who always wonder about Internet dating. Let’s see if I can shed some light on it for you.  Internet dating is merely a way to meet people. In many instances it is a way to meet more people than you normally would through face to face interaction.


If you are looking for an opportunity to meet a person, or lots of people, and build some sort of a relationship this is the absolute way to do it. If you are ready to meet, using your exact words, your beloved, then this is the absolute way to do it. You see Seth, it does not matter where you meet people it only matters how ready you are for the type of interaction you want. The optical word here is ready.

To put it a little bit more clearly, if you say you want to meet your beloved, but you are not ready, no matter where you look you will not find that person. When you find that magical person which can be anywhere, it is when you are ready, not sooner not later. There are certain times when people are not ready to meet the “one,” and they force it. Quite often, that may last for a short time, but it does not work out. And just the opposite, when they are ready to meet the right person, we’ve all heard stories of where their first meeting took place, no place out of the ordinary, but the love ignited fast and strong!

You also stated in your question, that you are feeling a bit frustrated with your self for wasting your time in relationships when they never work out. Please understand, it is never a waste of time to be in relationships. Every relationship is a steppingstone to the next. They teach us what we need to know before we move on to the next one. Perhaps, there is a lot that you need to learn and to figure out before finding your forever mate.

Very simply put, things always happen in the perfect time/space sequence.  When you are truly ready for something to happen, it will happen, no matter where the setting. Whenever you expect something from the universe you should always state clearly, what you want and why you want it. The other questions: the when is it going to happen, and where, is not your job to figure out. The universe will take care of that. Just figure out what you want and why you want it, everything else will be figured out for you and given to you! Whether the Internet is involved or not!

– ❤Namaste, Jenny

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