By Jill Coleman RN

I don’t believe that illness is entirely physical. It may manifest itself in the physical, but your mental attitude is more significant than you think.
Today’s fast paced, high stress world is very distracting! Many of us can get caught up in the lies that are perpetuated for monetary gain, or control. We forget who we really are.
You have more control over your condition than you think! Your viewpoint can make a difference in how you experience what happens to you, and could help you avoid illness all together.
The only reason placebos are effective is because the person believes they will work, and so they do. Our belief, faith, and considerations, good or bad, play a part in our reality. In fact, our beliefs shape our reality!
For example, if you wake up in the morning and stub a toe, and then agree that you will now have a bad day, you are setting the precedence for the day. You agree that your day will be bad, and so it is.
Similarly, if you agree you are sick, or are going to get sick, you perpetuate that condition by going into agreement with it, giving it your attention and therefore, sending more energy to it.
Energy flows where attention goes.
If you focus on illness, or a condition you don’t want, and talk about it, worry about it, or think about how much worse it may get, or what negative experiences you’ll encounter, you are actually creating it.
Instead of worrying about an illness, focus on health! Imagine your body feeling good. Picture a little army in your blood stream blowing up that tumor, or a white light healing an infection or malfunctioning organ. What would it feel like to be happy and healthy? If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
I stopped a cold, dead in its tracks by simply repeating,“I feel great!”, “My body is healthy and strong!”, “I have unlimited amounts of energy!” I felt a little tired for half of the day and then the ‘cold’ was gone.
Many have proven that there are no incurable illnesses. They simply did not agree that they were ill, and knew they were already healed. They only focused on the positive, and laughed as much as they could.
Instead of, “I never get ill”, say, “I am always healthy”, to focus on the ‘healthy’ instead of the ‘ill’. If you try to get rid of the negative, it only makes it bigger.
This take takes practice! Recognizing the negative thoughts is the first step. Then, you can begin the adventure of putting your attention on what you want!
“What we are today is the result of what we have thought!” Buddha