After our first storm of the season on Thanksgiving, I am finally feeling the aches and pains in my body— and I’m sure you are too! For those of us who struggle with chronic pain the desert is the perfect place for us to seek relief until the chill fills the air and the snow capped landscape locks up our bodies! Cannabis to the rescue!

During these cold winter weeks I love infusing CBD into my daily life in order to keep my pain scale low and my mood chipper. A luxurious way to escape the pain is a weekly therapeutic bath with a CBD bath bomb, your favorite 20:1 or 18:1 tincture to add to the water, and a CBD 20:1 or 2:1 joint for those of us that smoke. Aside from adding tinctures to your bath water, try adding your preferred amount of drops to your favorite warm beverage. Make sure the temperature isn’t hot, as the heat could make the tincture ineffective.

Massaging your body with a CBD rich salve daily can also assist in easing any kinks or tightness from the lowering temperatures. CBD works together with our intrinsic endocannabinoid system in order to offer systemic relief of inflammation. It’s the perfect solution for wellness during the cold weather we are experiencing.


If you love THC, one of my favorite cold weather solutions for pain is a hash joint. That’s right! A nice purple indica flower rolled with a snake of hash is the perfect combo to release tension. Yoga has always been my go to after a hash joint. I find that it allows me to be able to stretch deeper into my tight areas and flow. Other options are to stretch on a medicine ball, put your legs up in the air against a wall, or massage with tennis balls!

I hope the suggestions help you get through the coming weeks of cold. If it gets unbearable, give yourself a day off with your favorite edible and enjoy.