At Vons in Desert Hot Springs this past week I was headed out with all my purchased items. I saw a new bolted cabinet next to the cigarettes. As I approached it I was completely blown away to see what was behind the plastic door–CBD! Not only CBD oil but also tons of CBD skincare! It’s very exciting to see cannabis beginning to be recognized for its many benefits including skincare. In this week’s article I will be exploring the history of cannabis in skincare, how cannabis interacts with the skin, and how to use cannabis for your skin, including a few brands available both in dispensaries and your local supermarket.

Historically, legend has it that Cleopatra used cannabis oil on her skin to keep her looking young and refreshed. In the 1700s medical journals in America began suggesting hemp seeds and roots to combat skin inflammation. Recent studies have shown that CBD can assist in fighting acne, while THC calms redness and inflammation. In the skin there is a receptor called TRPV-1 and studies are showing that CBD can relieve feelings of itch, and pain. It allows the skin to calm down. CBD also can provide antioxidant properties to assist in anti-aging benefits in the skin. CBD products can always be found outside of a dispensary due to it being hemp-derived.

But if you’re looking for the benefits of THC in your skin care you will have to go into a dispensary. Beyond the benefits that the full spectrum of cannabis can offer, THC specifically can improve dull skin and calm acne. In my personal experience I’ve found that taking edibles at night always helps me to wake up with plumper skin and reduced redness. Studies have also been coming out linking THC to a decrease in production of oil and creation of pimples.

If you struggle with any type of skin issue, smoking cannabis is absolutely not the way to help calm your issues down. Although you still receive the cannabinoids through smoking, using topicals and serums definitely assist with locally offering relief and anti-inflammation benefits. If you do have a skin care flare up, do your best to wash your skin immediately after being exposed to smoke if you are to avoid any further inflammation.

Current topical skincare options that I’ve enjoyed include Kiskanu’s full spectrum cannabis face oil (, Mary’s Medicinals Topical Compound with CBD and THC, Perfecting Serum by Green Bee, and Dr. Kerklaan Skin Cream all can be found in dispensaries.